What are PUBG Mobile sniping tips to become a pro sniper? Being a global phenomenon, PUBG Mobile has been accelerating more than 50 crores players from all over the world within just 2 years and carves its niche as one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Apart from its new updates on maps, events, and items, what makes PUBG Mobile the best game in the battle royale genre is that players can push their skills to the limit.

In fact, apart from staggering weapons and excellent tactics, players also need to master a lot of skills to win the chicken dinner. When it comes to snipping skills, even experienced players also get confused about how to make the best out of their snippers. Today, let’s take a look at some PUBG Mobile sniping tips to be a pro sniper and win multiple chicken dinner in the game.

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Sniping is true art! Here are 5 golden PUBG Mobile sniping tips to become a pro sniper and win multiple chicken dinners!

1. Stick with a scope

An extra heavy sniper will be useless without the attachment. While M24, Kar98, and AWM are the best three sniper rifles you can get, an 8X scope is the idealist attachment for you to become infeasible in battle. Otherwise, a 6X scope is not that bad. However, these items are likely to be found in hotspots of the map in a limited time. It means that you need to drop in these spots and brace yourself for the intensive fights as there will be a lot of enemies right there.

In addition to that, please note that once you pick up the long-range scope, the view will be more restricted than a low-range one. Choose wisely based on the real situation.

Apart from scopes, a Suppressor and Cheek pad will help improve the stability of your weapon while an extended quick-draw magazine will make it more perfect if you can have one.

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2. Pick the location

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Picking the right location will help you to be more precise at sniping

Among crucial PUBG Mobile sniping tips, picking the right location is the key factor for the perfect one tap headshot. Most pro snipers will prefer a higher place like mountain tops, rooftops, or watchtowers. These places also help you stay safe from other enemies.

While most players suppose that prone is the best position for sniping, it turns out to be a big no especially in the map in which everyone keeps moving. In fact, you’re likely to be more passive and vulnerable when being spotted. Instead of prone, you should only crouch down as it’s free and easy to run away in the emergency.

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3. Spot your enemies

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PUBG Mobile sniping tips: Use the spotter to detect enemies for a wider vision

Before snipping your enemies, you need to spot them first. As the long-range scope offers a narrow vision, switch to the spotter with a 3x scan as it’s easier to detect the target. Once you spot an enemy, go back to the sniper view and give out your best shot.

Pubg Mk47 Mutant Assault Rifle Playerunknown S Bat
Calculating the bullet drop is one of the most important PUBG Mobile sniping tips you need to keep in mind

4. Calculator the bullet drops

Despite all of the tips above, calculating the bullet drops is the most crucial factor among PUBG Mobile sniper tips and tricks which decides if your shot is effective or not. As your enemies never stay still, predicting where your bullet goes will prevent you from missing shots.

Instead of targeting right in the center of the head, try to move it a little ahead as your enemies keep moving and your bullet will take some time to drop in. In addition to that, if your enemy is far away from you, point your rifle a bit higher on the head and the gravity will do the rest!

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5. Practise makes perfect

PUBG Mobile sniping tips: practice makes perfect

In fact, what makes a pro sniper is not the tips and tricks. It’s all about keeping calm and practicing. At first, you might find it’s a tedious task and get discouraged for missing the shots all the time. However, just like other skills, practicing is the only way so you can master the snipping skill.

Sniping is an art and these above PUBG Mobile sniper training tips are just the first step of mastering the art.  Aboove are the best 5 pro sniping tips and tricks PUBG Mobile you should bare in mind while practicing in-game. The best part is up to you!

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