There’s no need to stress what PUBG Mobile enables players to do with its vast collection of firearms. You got your shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, DMRs, bows, and don’t forget the sniper rifles. Handled correctly, these dealy guns can deliver a hefty blow to your enemies. Therefore, it’s ubiquitous to see players carrying the combo of assault rifles and sniper rifles - which works for almost every situation in PUBG Mobile. Here’s a list of all the sniper available ranked from best to worst to help you drop the targets from miles away. 

pubg mobile sniper rank combo
The Assault + Sniper Combo is what most players use in PUBG Mobile

Ranked List of Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile

#1 AWM

There’s no doubt that the most powerful sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile is AWM. This gun can only be found in airdrops (for balance reasons, of course), which means you’ll never run into one in buildings or looting spots on the maps. Or if you get a kill someone possessing an AWM, you can loot it from them as well.

pubg mobile sniper rank awm
Nothing beats the powerful AWM in the battle of sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile

The gun fires .300mm magnum that only comes in with 20 rounds per loot. AWM inflicts maximum damage of 105 and has the longest range. It means you can drop opponents standing half a map away, even with a level 3 helmet. Getting an 8x scope, and you’re set for some fun hunting action. However, be careful with the ammunition, you only get 20. 

#2 M24

The second place in the list belongs to the M24. It comes with a damage output of 79 and has a decent range as compared to the AWM. Fun fact, the M24 was once airdrop-exclusive but has now been a common sniper rifle to be found on the map. The gun has a magazine of 5 bullets that can extend up to 7.

pubg mobile sniper rank m24
The M24 takes the second place

#3 Kar98k

Kar98k can be considered the gun that put PUBG on the gaming map. It has been with the game since day one and consistently lives up to its reputation. The Kar98k is a rare loot that can be found in buildings on the maps. It also uses the 7.62 bullets as the M24 but with less damage (75 per shot) at a faster fire rate. The range is just decent, yet it offers less recoil.

pubg mobile sniper rank kar98k
The Kar98k is perhaps the most popular gun in PUBG Mobile

#4 Win94

It’s not surprising to see the classic Winchester 94 at the bottom of the sniper class. Although it just received its rework, which adds a pre-attached 2.7X scope, the gun still seems to need more loving from the developers. Win94 falls off in almost every aspect when compared with others in the list, from damage to the range, and fire rate. The gun also fires the 0.45 ACP rounds that no one carries around, which adds to the on-going list of its disadvantages. 

pubg mobile sniper rank win94
Coming in at the very last spot, the Win94 definitely needs more changes