Why spraying around using an AR is something you do most of the time, Free Fire has the option to carry 2 weapons instead of 1 – diversify your arsenal is definitely a good idea. While carrying an SMG for close range combat is an attractive option, getting a Sniper Rifle for long range combat is not a bad idea either. Read more to find out about how to become AWM King in Free Fire – in this guide, we would go through the steps of using sniper rifles and tips and tricks while using them.

awm free fire king
AWM Free Fire King: the most damaging headshot weapon in the game

1 – Get a sniper rifle

Getting your hand on a Sniper Rifle is the first step, as these weapons are quite rare. There are two ways you can acquire a sniper rifle – random loots on the map and airdrops. The Kar98k can be found on the map at any spots, but there are a few locations with a higher spawn rate than usual.

AWM King in Free Fire
AWM King in Free Fire: The stats of all three Sniper Rifles in the game

On Bermuda, it is common to find a sniper rifle in the Mill, the highest vantage point in the region. Usually, people would land here, grab a sniper rifle and set up camps to kill people in the vicinity. Power Plants and Outpost are great locations for sniper rifles to spawn as well. On Kalahari, check out the Refinery and Command Post for sniper rifles spawn.

2 – What about attachments?

You don’t really need to find any attachments in Free Fire to use sniper rifles, as both the AWM and the Kar98k come with their own pre-built 8x scope. This is a great improvement comparing to the usual battle royale like PUBG, as in those games, you would need to find a decent scope for the gun to be usable.

AWM Free Fire King
AWM Free Fire King: The function of these 2 attachments in Free Fire

However, having one of those is not too bad either – the silencer is not bad if you are trying to not get detected, and the muzzle would increase the effectiveness at long range of your sniper rifle even further. These two things are optional.

3 – How to snipe like an AWM king in Free Fire

  • The Sniper rifles in this game have a pretty low bullet drop – which makes them really accurate at long distance. Other games like PUBG Mobile definitely does not have this.
  • Be patient – sometimes you should wait for your target to stop before taking the shot. Firing too early would ruin your chance for a kill.
  • Always aim for the head – characters in Free Fire have 200 HP instead of 100 so body shots are not nearly as effective. Especially when you are using a Kar98k – even a headshot would not be able to down your target right away.
AWM King in Free Fire
AWM King in Free Fire: Headshots would deal extremely high damage
  • Don’t move when sniping, as moving around would reduce the accuracy of your shots. It might also reveal your current position to the enemy.
  • Position yourself where you can follow the enemy’s movement – preferably on a high vantage point. This way, your target would not be able to get into cover easily.
  • Ditch the gun when the circle starts to close down too much - at that range, using an AR would be much easier.

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4 – How strong are the three sniper rifles in Free Fire?

The stats of these weapons are about the same in Free Fire, however, every single one of them would deal extra damage on headshots.

AWM Free Fire King
AWM Free Fire King: The M82B is probably the most versatile Sniper Rifle in the game

The AWM has the highest bonus damage amongst the three weapons – a headshot would knockout everyone, even if they are wearing level 3 helmets. The Kar98k is somewhat weaker – it can only headshot a target with level 1 helmet at best. You would have to pull out your other weapon to finish them. The M82B is somewhere in the middle of the pack, with higher headshot damage than the Kar98k but lower than the AWM.

Body shot wise, the AWM and the Kar98k are about the same – but the M82B excels at this, with its high armor penetration. The M82B also deals extra damage to vehicles and Gloo walls as well – a perfect utility weapon.

5 – What should you use in conjunction with a sniper rifle?

This depends on how confident you are with this gun. If you are not able to headshot enemies reliably, it is best to bring an AR to finish them off after the initial shot. If you are confident with the gun, however, carrying just about anything else could be a great idea – you can even experiment with something like an SMG or Shotguns.

AWM King in Free Fire
AWM King in Free Fire: Laura is pretty decent if to get a higher accuracy when using sniper rifles

About Character skills to use with a sniper rifle, Rafael's Dead Silent is probably the best one, with Hayato's armor penetration come a close second. Laura's increased accuracy, when scoped in, would definitely help as well.

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