Free Fire’s Season 26 Elite Pass named “Rampage II Uprising” has just been released today, July 1. Looks like Garena has decided to reward loyal fans of the game with 25 – 100 free diamonds in this Elite Pass season. The only condition to get them, however, is that you have purchased the last two Elite Passes, along with this one – the July Elite Pass.

Maxresdefault 1
The featured set from this season's Elite Pass looks pretty amazing

How to get 100 Free Diamonds:

If you are eligible for the free gift, go to the Elite Pass Page and tap on the “Browser” icon on the below picture. Swipe right to the “I have Purchased” screen for the options to claim the Free Diamonds.

Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass 1024x576
Tap that button and open up a new menu to redeem the rewards

If this is the only Elite Pass you have purchased, you would get 25 free diamonds. If you have bought the last season’s pass and this one, you would get a free Diamond Royale Voucher. If you have bought 3 passes in a row, you would get another 75 diamonds. This is a new perk created by Garena to encourage players who bought previous elite passes to continue to do so - it is expected that they would continue to do this in season 27's pass.

Free Fire Previoulsy Purchased Elite Passes 1024x5
The reward you receive would be based on the number of passes you have bought in the past

About Free Fire Rampage Event:

In this event, you will have to choose between 2 factions called Liberi and Bringers. Depending on whichever faction you choose, you will get a different set of rewards when that faction wins. This event would last until July 9th.

Free Fire Update Rampage 0 25 Screenshot
Choose a faction to get unique rewards when the other side is defeated

Bringers's rewards:

  • Famine Felon (Bundle)
  • Disease (Surfboard)
  • Bringers's Pin
  • Yellow Dash (Avatar)

Liberi's rewards:

  • Famine Felon (Bundle)
  • Catastrophe Bringer (Surfboard)
  • Liberi's Pin
  • Greenish Death (Avatar)

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