If you have played Free Fire along with any other mobile shooters, you would notice that there are some unique guns that this game has but other games like PUBG Mobile do not have. Creating new fictional weapons in realistic shooters is usually frowned upon, as those guns have the potentials to be overpowered. However, it looks like Free Fire has avoided that pitfall. In this article, we would list out those unique guns and the situations that they can be useful.

1 – CG15

An SMG/Rifle hybrid made with future technology, the CG15 has one of the strongest statline in its class, along with a special ability. While other SMGs have only 40 or lower range, the CG15 comes with a whopping 71, which is nearly rifle level. In battle royales like Free Fire, the longer the range, the more useful the weapon gets. If you have a weapon with longer range, you would be able to hit your enemies before they can hit you.


The special ability of the CG15 is Charged Shot, which fires a high damage shot after a brief delay. Consider this something to open a fight with – you would not be able to hit the shot if your target moves around due to the delay.

2 – Treatment Gun

A unique handgun that heals teammates and damage enemies. If it is any other weapon class than handgun, the Treatment Gun would be super overpowered. However, with the low range and low damage, it is best to just use a real weapon to end enemies. The worst drawback of this gun is pretty obvious – you can’t heal yourself with it.

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This gun can be used as an alternate method of healing outside of combat if you cannot find any other healing items.

3 – Hand Cannon

This weapon is exactly what it says on the tin, a handheld Cannon. Think of the Hand Cannon as a shotgun that can be put into the secondary weapon slot. It literally works the same way as a shotgun, except that there are no pellets – all damage would be focused on one close-range grenade only.

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This weapon is more or less… garbage, due to its super low range of 10, the same as the M1014 shotgun, the lowest in the game.

4 – RGS50

A futuristic launcher that can lock on to vehicles – this launcher is the answer to all types of fast-moving vehicles in exchange for reduced damage to non-vehicle targets. Outside of the lock-on ability, the RGS50 has the same statline as other launchers, except for its magazine of 3. This means it is already better than the M79.

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5 – Heat Gun

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A special Rifle that has unlimited ammo – however, after 30 shots, it would overheat and you would have to wait for a while for the gun to cool down. Using this gun, you would be able to save some ammo space. Overall, outside of that special ability, the Heat Gun is in the middle of the pack in damage, range, and accuracy. The drawback is that you won’t be able to equip a muzzle or a silencer.

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