Free Fire is a battle royale in which you go against 50 other people until there is only one left on the map – you might think that’s the hardest the game could be… however, there is a way to boost the difficulty even further. The hardest mode is Free Fire is to go against squads while playing solo.

Play Solo Vs Squad can boost your rank faster

If you are good in this mode, you would be able to boost your kill score even further, as the enemy teams would not kill each other fast enough. To play Solo vs Squad, just turn off auto-match when finding matches.

In this guide below, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks to go against a full team:

1 – Key strategy

There are 2 ways to do this. The first one is to engage right away after landing when your enemies haven’t finished looting yet. Follow them with a parachute when jumping out of the plane, land nearby, grab some gear then open fire. The enemy team is likely to be too occupied with their own thing and not be able to gang up on you.

Follow the enemy team when landing

The second method is to land on remote spots and play the game as usual. Squads usually would just land on some mid/hot zone and engage right away. You are less likely to be killed right at the gate using this method, but later on, you might have to go against fully geared squads.

2 – Scouting is very important

Against squads, your awareness of the surrounding area becomes even more important. You have to look around continuously even when fighting other peoples, as their teammates might come at you from another angle.

Camp near stairs - enemies would go up one by one

3 – Combat strategy

If you are able to knock down one person, you should finish the guy off right away if there are more than 2 people around. However, if there is only 2, it might be a good idea to leave one of them as bait.

Grenades are pretty useful, as squads sometimes clump up together.

Sniping from afar is not a bad idea either

After one kill, don’t bother looting their corpses unless you are sure there’s no one around. A moment of distraction could cost your life.

Camping in choke points like the stair inside a building to remove your opponent’s strength in numbers. Usually, they would go up the stairs one by one, which is much easier for you to dispatch. Taking the high ground and whittle them down with a long-range sniper rifle is great as well.

4 – The end game

If you made it to the final circles, try to stay on the edge of the zone and wait it out if there is more than 1 squad left. If there are only 1, however, you would have to engage and rely on luck. Don’t bother finishing downed people, just switch to the next target right away.

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