Free Fire has been trying its best to differentiate its gameplay from PUBG Mobile, and the pet system is probably the most successful mechanic for that purpose. Besides just being cute, these critters also provide various benefits to players during matches. Every little thing matters – they could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Your pets would grow in level as you play matches with it equipped. In this guide, we would list out the five best pets in the game.

5 – Shiba


Shiba is a Japanese dog wearing a black-winged costume, with a passive skill named “Mushroom Sense”. Every 180 seconds, this dog would automatically mark a mushroom in the vicinity on the mini-map. Each mark would last for thirty seconds.

At level 5, the skill’s cooldown would be reduced to 150. Mushroom is a great source of EP, which slowly converted into HP in Free Fire. A124 can heal herself instantly using a skill that costs EP as well.

4 – Robo


Robo is a small ball-like robot with ears and a passive skill called “Wall Enforcement”. This skill further adds 60 more HP to the Gloo Wall, increase its effectiveness as a cover.

At level 5, the skill would add 80 more HP. If you often rely on Gloo grenades in combat, taking Robo along is not a bad idea.

3 – Spirit Fox


Spirit Fox is another Japanese style pet with two swords tied to its side. The bonus skill that it provides is “Well Fed”. This ability gives players extra HP when they activate a health pack. The amount of extra HP restored is increased to 7 at level 5.

While this might not seem much, the bonus HP can be further boosted by Kapella’s skill – and every single point of HP matters. Best pet for players with aggressive playstyles who consume health pack a lot.

2 – Detective Panda


Detective Panda, weirdly enough, is a panda wearing army pants. When equipped, Detective Panda would give you a bonus skill called “Panda’s Blessing”, which would restore 4 HP upon killing any enemies.

At level 5, the ability would give you 7 HP per kill. This is another aggressively geared pets for rushers – in a close fight, even 1 HP point could make a difference.

1 – Falco


The newest flying pet in the game, Falco, is probably the best one. When equipped, the bird would give you a passive named “Skyline Spree”, which increases skydive gliding speed by 15% and parachute gliding speed by 25%.

The bonus speed would increase with level – and the best part is that it affects the whole team so only one member of the squad needs to carry it. This pet is best for all types of players – with the added speed, they would be able to land earlier and get more loot.

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