Free Fire characters are not created equal - some are vastly more powerful than the others. Just look at Alok - his "Drop the beat" skill can heal, support the team, and increase speed. It has 3 separate effects, each of which is useful. Some characters in Free Fire only has one effect, and that effect is either too small or does not matter most of the time. In this guide, we would list out the five most useless character skills in Free Fire.

1 - Kla

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While the character has a pretty interesting design - based on a Muay Thai player, this is more or less an attempt to please the local fanbase. The character's ability is pretty much fluff - it increases fist damage. Bringing fists to a gunfight? Who does that? Don't was your time on this character...ever.

2 - Olivia

Olivia Freefire

This is probably the character whose skill provides literally no bonus in a solo game - she gives more HP to people revived by her. While the ability can be situationally useful in team games, Kapella already overshadowed her with a better ability - and it also boosts normal healing as well. Overall, there is no reason to use Olivia's skill.

3 - Ford


Ford's skill decreases the damage dealt by the death zone. This is useless most of the time, as you would usually have to boost your own HP constantly anyway - the bonus is not high enough to actually matter. And staying outside the safe zone is both risky and wasteful - whichever gear you could find would be exchanged for your healing items.

4 - Maxim


While it provides a positive effect and can be used pretty regularly, the effect is so small it is barely noticeable. In the best-case scenario, Maxim's Gluttony skill would provide you with half a second faster usage of medkit, which is... hardly something worth using compared to stuff like A124's ability.

5 - Caroline

Caroline Keyart

She falls into the same category as Maxim - her skill is too niche and gives too little bonus to be actually useful. It only actives when you are using shotguns, one of the weakest weapon classes in a Battle Royale like Free Fire. Shotgun based talents are still usable - if they are overpowered like Jota's. The 8% bonus speed when holding a shotgun is way too small as well - if it was something like 20 percent, this skill might actually be usable.

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