There are a lot of weapons in Free Fire – some are more useful than others, but no weapons are useless. Grenade Launchers, the most unique class of weapons in the game, are often underrated due to their numerous drawbacks. In this guide, we would go through all three launchers currently available in-game and how you can unlock their potential.

1 – M79

M79 Stats

This is the first launcher on our list – it is also the least advanced one. The M79 is probably the most commonly found grenade launcher in the game – that is probably the reason why it is the weakest. With an ammo capability of 1, you have to reload every time a grenade is shot. Its other stats are similar to the usual capability of the class.

2 – MGL 140

MGL 140 stats

The MGL 140 with its 5 grenades magazine is probably the best weapon in the launcher class of Free Fire. With 5 shots, you would have a bigger margin of error when clearing out enemies instead of having to be extremely accurate like the M79. The MGL 140 also has a faster fire rate and reload speed than other launchers, which is pretty much the cherry on top. Furthermore, you can enhance the weapon’s magazine further using an extended magazine attachment.

3 – RGS50

RGS 50 Stats

The RGS50 is probably the most advanced launcher on the list – it is also called the “Anti Materiel Launcher”. You can use the special ability of the RGS50 to lock onto vehicles to deal extra damage… however, the weapon would deal less damage to non-vehicle units. Furthermore, the RGS50 has 100 range, twice that of other launchers – this further increases the weapon’s accuracy. Along with its decently big magazine of 3, the weapon can be deadly on the battlefield if you have a decent aim.

4 – How to use the launchers?

These weapons are very rare – it might take a few rounds for you to get your hand on one of them. They can be fired similarly to how you throw a grenade – the projectile is lobbed out and explodes on impact. A red tracer similar to a grenade throw would appear as well.

Alvaro Free Fire
Alvaro's ability can further increase the damage and blast radius of the launcher

It can be used in the place of grenades to force players out of covers or destroy vehicles – however, if you are holding something with more than 1 ammo capability, you can spam them like a normal weapon – the barrage of grenades are super powerful and can clear out a whole team in just a few seconds. The ammunition for the launchers are super rare, however, it is best to just discard it if there is no ammo left.

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