The new OB 22 update of Garena Free Fire has brought a slew of both new content and balance changes to Free Fire. Amongst them, the biggest addition is probably Evelyn, a new character. She was originally known as Clu – it looks like the developers have finally decided to change her name into something more feminine.

Evelyn is currently only available on the Advanced Server, however, so if you are a normal player, you would have to wait for a while. In this article, we would give you a general breakdown of her characteristics, appearance, and skills. A guide on how to use her is also included as well.

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Clu's name has been changed

Based on Evelyn’s appearance, we can assume she’s some sort of a detective in the Wild West of America. This is pretty weird, as cowboys or law enforcers are usually male – and Evelyn is a female wearing an impossibly low neckline shirt. It should not take long for the character to be added to the store, with Wolfrahh, the most recent addition, getting added immediately after his debut in Advanced mode.

Evelyn has a skill named “Delivering Gold”, which reveals enemies who are not crouched or prone in the vicinity. At level 1, the area of effect is 30 meters and the reveal duration is 5 seconds. With each level up, the area of effect would increase by 5 meters and the duration of the skill would increase by 0.5 seconds.

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New Character Evelyn in Free Fire

When this skill is at level 4 or above, it would also share the information obtained to all squadmates. Delivering Gold’s cooldown is 50 seconds. At max level, the skill would last for 7.5 seconds and affect an area of 55 meters.

This skill is pretty much designed for rushers due to its low effective range being pretty short. However, if you are in range, this ability is more or less wall-hack. Evelyn would be essential in builds which focuses on close-range fights, especially when used with shotgun/SMG assist skills like Jota's.

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