Supply drops are an essential part of Battle Royale games like Free Fire – it provides players who managed to get to the site first an array of high tier items that are impossible to get in the match otherwise. In this article, we would list out everything you need to do to get an airdrop and what items are included in it.

1 – Approaching Supply Drops

As soon as a match starts, a plane would appear on the horizon periodically every few minutes and drop supplies at random places along the flight route. When the crate hits the ground, it would emit a yellow beam vertically to mark the location for nearby players

It is easier to look out for enemies in an open field like this

You would be able to start looting as soon as you get near the package. Typically, it would contain tier 3 armor and helmets, ammunition, camo items and unique weapons. These might be additional items like grenades and medkits included in the package as well.

2 – What are the weapons in the Supply Drop

The following guns are the Supply Drop’s exclusive weapons

  • Groza
  • M249
  • Dragunov
  • AWM

The Groza is probably the strongest AR in the game, with high damage, long range and great stability.

The M249 is a light machine gun with high overall stats and a magazine with 100 bullets. Great when facing down multiple players and rushing - the Free Fire version of the M249 is surprisingly light.

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The Dragunov is an amazing weapon to get body shots

The Dragunov is an automatic sniper rifle. For some players who rarely headshots, it is even better than the AWM, as the fire rate is fast enough for you to hit the target with multiple bullets. It also has great armor penetration for body shots, unlike the AWM.

The AWM is the king of sniper rifles in most games - however, the Free Fire version of the AWM is not that impressive. When comparing to the K98k stat-wise, the AWM is just slightly better. It is still a great headshot weapon if you are a pro sniper. One headshot from the AWM would kill anyone, even people with level 3 helmets.

3 – How to get the Supply Drop safely

The crate would be visible to most players in the region – if you are in a hot zone, the crate might be more trouble than it’s worth. You might want to switch into a vantage spot to shot at players who are trying to get the items instead.

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Grab the gear and prepare to retreat

If you cannot get to the crate in less than 30 seconds, it is best to let it go. If you can, however, try to position yourself properly to cover the side that people are likely to approach. Retreat quickly – preferably using the same route you used to get in.

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