In battle royale shooters like Free Fire, having the ability to engage at range is super important, as most fights would happen in middle to long ranges. Because of that, traditional weapons that might be useful in other shooters like the SMGs or Shotguns are not worth using as a main weapon.

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An SMG can be useful in some situations

However, they can still be used in conjunction with an AR – as in a close-range battle, an SMG with the ability to rapid hip-firing without having to scope would definitely have a decent advantage over something like an AK. Submachine guns are also much easier to use for new players as well - with their whole firing technique involving non-stop spraying. If you have Nikita’s skill of fast SMG reloading – they would become even better.

You can spray even more with Nikita's ability

Below are the top three best SMGs that you should use in Free Fire.

1 – CG15

A futuristic SMG that can do pretty well even in medium range, due to its high accuracy and the ability to charge and fire a high damage shot. It can pretty much be considered as an AR, with a whopping 50 damage per bullet. The weakness of the CG15 is its small magazine of 20 - you might need to get an extended magazine to unlock the gun's hidden potential.

The CG 15 is a pretty weird weapon - there is no equivalent of this gun in other games

2 – MP5

The MP5 is the middle of the pack in stats – it is very versatile and can be pretty effective in the early game, mostly due to the higher spawn rate. It can also be fitted with pretty much every type of attachment in the game as well – if you managed to get your hand on a foregrip and muzzle, the MP5 can be much more effective in long range fights.

The MP5 is the most common SMG in the game

3 – MP40

This gun is at the other extreme end of the scale – it is extremely strong in close range. The MP40 has the highest firing rate amongst all guns in Free Fire – at 83 points, enough to discharge the whole magazine in just a short period of time. You can’t equip anything but a magazine and stock on that gun – however, that’s not really a problem as the MP40 does not need anything, with its main job being close range spray.

The fastest gun in Free Fire, MP40

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