In battle royales, correct uses of vehicles is a big factor in a victory – as the map is just too big to get through on foot. Free Fire is not an exception – vehicles play an important part in your rotation, make them fast and safe. Some characters in Free Fire also have skills that give bonuses while using a vehicle as well. In this article, we would list out all vehicles in Free Fire and some of the tips and tricks that you can do using those vehicles.

1 – Free Fire Vehicle List

“Acceleration” is how fast the car could accelerate and “Control” is how good the car is at turning around. "Speed" is the top speed the vehicle can reach. The higher the stats, the better.

Sports Car

Free Fire Vehicle List
Free Fire Vehicle List: The Sports Car is probably the number one vehicle to get in the game with its speed and looks
  • HP: 400
  • Acceleration: 4600
  • Control: 20
  • Speed: 80

The Sports Car is probably the best looking vehicle in the game – and also the fastest. It can carry up to 2 players. Overall, this car is one of the top choices you could get in a solo match – it unrivaled speed could help you rotate to literally anywhere on the map without fail. The fact that it can reach top speed faster would also increase the damage it deals when you crash into people.

Pickup Truck

Free Fire Vehicle List
Free Fire Vehicle Locations: The pickup truck is the jack of all trades amongst Free Fire's vehicles.
  • HP: 400
  • Acceleration: 2100
  • Control: 12
  • Speed: 55

This is the default vehicle in Garena Free Fire – it is an all-rounder type of car with decent stats. Seats 2 people. A solid choice for solo players.


Maxresdefault 2

  • HP: 300
  • Acceleration: 1500
  • Control: 40
  • Speed: 60

A great solo vehicle – it has the best control in the game and you can change direction rapidly anytime you want. The Motorcycle’s top speed is 60, which makes it the second fastest vehicle on the map – it would take you quite a while to get to that speed, however as the acceleration stat is rather low. The size also allows the bike to travel through narrow areas.

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Monster Truck

Free Fire Vehicle List
Free Fire Vehicle List: There is a reason that the Monster Truck can only be found in Airdrops - it is too powerful
  • HP: 800
  • Acceleration: 8000
  • Control: 15
  • Speed: 45

An airdrop only vehicle that can carry up to 4 players. The monster truck has high armor, HP and can travel difficult terrains with its 8000 acceleration stats. It top speed is pretty low, however.

Amphibious Car

Free Fire Vehicle Locations
Free Fire Vehicle Locations: This car is mainly used when you want to get through waters without having to cross dangerous bridges
  • HP: 300
  • Acceleration: 1400
  • Control: 15
  • Speed: 40

A vehicle with low general stats in exchange for the ability to travel on both land and water – it can carry 2 players. Overall, you can use this to cross water regions without having to use bridges – however, its best to ditch this vehicle for another as soon as possible. Carry 2.

Tuk Tuk

Free Fire Vehicle List
Free Fire Vehicle List: The Tuk Tuk is pretty much a meme - it is not recommended to use this vehicle as it is weak at literally everything
  • HP: 300
  • Acceleration: 1200
  • Control: 15
  • Speed: 35

A weird 3 wheels bike that can carry up to three players – it is pretty much the weakest vehicle in the game, with the lowest stat on all 4 attributes. 3 people can fit on it so there’s that.


Free Fire Vehicle List
Free Fire Vehicle List: The Jeep is the best car you could get for a squad outside of a Monster Truck
  • HP: 500
  • Acceleration: 2900
  • Control: 15
  • Speed: 40

An upgrade over the Pickup truck. The Jeep has decent protection and can carry a whole team – the third best vehicle on the map. It is somewhat slower than the Pickup Truck, however.

2 – Strategy to use Vehicles in Garena Free Fire

Where to find vehicles?

In Free Fire, the vehicles spawn randomly at fixed locations on the map – with the large towns having a higher spawn rate. You would have to rely on luck with this one.

Free Fire Vehicle Locations
Free Fire Vehicle Locations: Misha's skill is something you must pick if you are going to use a vehicle. Besides the added speed, the damage you take while driving is also reduced.

What are the uses of a vehicle?

They would aid you in moving from zone to zone - for faster looting or chasing the circle. The cars can also be used as a makeshift cover/bait as well - you can even park it on the bridge to create a barrier, then camp on the other side.

Free Fire Vehicle Locations
Free Fire Vehicle Locations: You can throw a few Gloo Grenade to block the road so that cars would not be able to pass

How to kill people with a car?

In this game, nothing feels as satisfying as run over another player with a car. Most of the time, the target would die, unless the vehicle used is too slow or the guy is wearing a level 4 vest. The best time to try to crash and kill with a vehicle is incidentally the only time you are supposed to use it – during the scramble for the safe zones.

When getting inside a car to get to the next zone, it is a good idea to look around a little to find other players who are running on foot and crash on them. Notora/Misha’s skills are great if you are intending to do this – your Sports car would be able to reach incredible speed with Misha’s afterburner equipped.

In Notora's case, the vehicle would serve as a source of infinite heal - with Notora's skill on the driver, everyone inside would be healed until full.

What to do when your opponent is trying to run you over?

Don’t stay in the open – try to get to the nearest building or cover. If none exists – throw down a Gloo grenade to create a temporary block. Stand your ground is also ok - but you must be able to kill the driver before getting hit.

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