Roles exist so that teams would be able to assign and diversify their play style. One of the more popular roles in Free Fire is the Rusher. Players with this role would be the first one to open combat – this is often the riskiest position and most skill demanding, as the rusher must kill and disrupt the enemy’s formation.

In the list below, there are the five most used characters for the rusher role.

1 – Kelly

One of the first characters released in Free Fire – more often than not, you would have a high-level Kelly. Speed is very important to a rusher, as they usually would have to move around a lot instead of camping in the same position – and because of that, picking Kelly is pretty obvious.

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2 – Hayato

In a fire exchange, every bit of damage that you can push out would be the difference between a win and a loss. This is where Hayato’s pseudo damage buff comes in. With the passive named Bushido, the lower his HP, the higher his armor penetration. It is very likely that you would be able to out damage your enemy in a close-range fight.


3 – Miguel

When you are running around an engage in combat all the time, it is very important to keep your HP high – and to regen your HP over time, you need EP. This is where Miguel comes in. After every kill, he would gain 20 EP, which in turn would be converted into HP, preventing you from having to waste your Medkit.

The Special Forces Soldier 1f81

4 – Joseph

If you are great at hip firing while moving around, Joseph is probably a great option. His passive of gaining 20% movement speed when hit is much higher than Kelly’s passive, which would help you greatly in reposition and flanking your enemies.

Joseph Free Fire

5 – Jota

Jota’s ability to gain 25 HP after a kill is simply overpowered – because of that, it was restricted to close-range weapons like the Shotgun or SMGs only. For a rusher who often uses these weapons, Jota’s ability is a godsend, as you can engage multiple enemies, kill one, and still have enough HP to get out alive.

Joe Taslim Jota Free Fire

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