In a shooter like Free Fire, the ability to aim is probably the most important thing in your arsenal – along with your reflexes and initiative. With a good aim, you would be able to eliminate your enemies with the least effort possible, while good reflexes help you react to unexpected dangers like an enemy hiding in the corner.

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In this guide, we would list out some of the best methods for both old and new players alike to learn how to improve their aim.

1 – Try your best to aim for the head

While hitting body shots might seem to be easier – getting a headshot is still the most efficient way of killing, as it is really hard to kill anyone with body armor in the late game. Some guns even have a bonus modifier for headshots, dealing extra damage on top of the headshot damage.

Getting headshots are very important

A popular choice when spraying is aiming for the neck/chest shot, as the gun’s recoil might direct the next shot onto the target’s head.

2 – Get the initiative

In a fight, the one who shot first would get a big advantage. To get the initiative, you would have to detect your enemy before they can detect you. This requires careful observation and positioning. Your shots would definitely be more accurate afterward, as you would have time to aim.

3 – Master your sense of sound

Everything makes noises in Free Fire, especially enemy walking and shooting. It is vital that you have your headphones on to take advantage of it. If you are able to hear enemy footsteps just a second before combat, you would be able to react immediately.

4 – Be patient

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Be patient - you can just run away if the fight lasts for too long

When you and your enemy are engaging in combat, sometimes it is best to just stay in cover and wait for a while instead of trying to shoot back – enemies might think you have moved away and try to close in, expose their position. This also affects your sniper aiming as well - lining up the shot perfectly would take time.

5 – Practice with guns in training mode

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Training mode is your friend

Each gun in Free Fire has different characteristics – you must get familiar with at least a few of the Assault Rifles in order to be good at the game. Only by understanding the quirks and styles of the weapon would you be able to improve your aim.

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