Free Fire’s event roster for this summer is packed – the “Beach Party Event” has many parts, each has its own special prizes. The highlight of the event is probably Falco, the first flying pet of the game, and its hellfire skin. This little flying guy is probably a must have for any Free Fire teams, as the earlier you land, the faster you would be able to get your hand on a gun and shoot slower people.

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Exchange shop for the Beach Party event

Besides that, players can also get the exclusive Cutie Bubbles bundle by participating in the share-to-win event and the Captain Bubbles bundle by exchanging in-game tokens.

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Today is the last day for this beach party event - your only chance to get the costume for free

The most tricky event, however, is Misha’s Lost Swim rings. You would have to collect two types of swim rings from various places – either shooting map drop, standard map drop, or daily logins. Getting all these items can be pretty tricky – and because of that, we have created a guide to list out the location of swim rings B on the map.

Firstly, you can get those swim rings through daily logins – each day there would be one up for grab. You can only get swim rings A, however.

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You should land on the edge of the map then plan a route that crosses through all the spots

The other way is to get the swim rings on the map. For the A ring, you have to break those little sandcastles spawned at random locations on the map. The swim ring B is a little different – it spawns on fixed locations. Because of this, it would be pretty hard to acquire the whole requirements on time if you don’t know exactly where they are, as enemies might be going for them too. You would need 20 swim rings B to complete the costume.

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