Shotgun is a powerful but underrated weapon category in PUBG Mobile. It's more popular in the early stage of the match. Here are the top 5 shotguns in PUBG Mobile in 2021 that you should use.

#5. S12K

S12K is a special shotgun in PUBG Mobile because it supports more attachments than other shotguns. You can attach a muzzle, a mag, and a scope to this shotgun.

S12K has a high rate of fire.

Moreover, it has a higher rate of fire than some other shotguns. You can shoot 5 - 7 bullets consecutively. It makes this gun more useful and powerful than other shotguns although its base damage point only reaches 90 HP per hit.

#4. M1040

M1014 also has a high rate of fire. Moreover, its base damage is slightly higher than that of S12K. You can take the target down in 1 - 2 shots only. It's pretty similar to S12K but M1014 is pretty harder to control. This PUBG Mobile shotgun has pretty high recoil. Besides, its spawning rate is pretty lower than that of S12K.

M1040 Tdm Mode
M1040 is an ideal gun for TDM mode.

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#3. S1897

It's one of the most powerful shotguns in PUBG Mobile arsenal that can take an enemy down in one shot only. Each shot from S1897 releases 9 pellets with high damage. These pellets will penetrate into many parts of the enemy's body, making severe damage to them.

S1897 Pubg Mobile
S1897 - a weapon for one-shot-one-kill.

In a very close-range fight, the enemy will be knocked immediately. Therefore, S1897 is the most recommended weapon for hot spots, such as School or the Military Base.

#2. S686

S686 has higher base damage than previous shotguns in PUBG Mobile but it holds only 2 bullets per load. It lets users shoot two consecutive shots to take the opponent down quickly. But after two shots, you need to fall back and reload two other bullets.

S686 is a deadly weapon in face-to-face combat.

This gun is more effective in face-to-face combat and close fights in houses/buildings. In addition, you should only use it in 1v1 combat.

#1. DBS

The best shotgun in PUBG Mobile must be DBS. It's also recognized as the king in close combat. It can knock an enemy in one shot only. It also has the highest rate of fire and ammo capacity. With 14 rounds per load, a pro player can easily clear a hot-drop location, such as Bootcamp, Ruins, etc.

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