KRAFTON launched the Early Access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Google Play Store earlier today. But within just a couple of hours, the beta test server quickly reached its cap limit. Huge waves of new players keep crashing in, forcing the game officials to close registration for new accounts.

Beta Test Server of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Reached Limit Within Hours

The Beta Test server has just opened this morning. However, a gigantic surge in players' access forced it to close down after just a couple of hours. Many still haven't heard the news, and more are coming in for a piece of the action. Everyone wants to be the first to try out Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Early Access
Players can still download and install the game.

Unfortunately, players won't be able to join the beta tester program of BGMI, at least for now. If they attempt to get in, they will encounter the following notice:

"Thanks for your interest in becoming a tester for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA app. However, at this time, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA app's testing program has reached the maximum number of testers that can participate in it and isn't accepting any more testers."

Game Modes
Check out the new user interface!

Though players can still download the APK and OBB files and install the game, logging in is impossible.

"The Maximum number of registrations has been reached. To ensure a great experience for every player, we have temporarily disabled registration for new accounts. Please check official news for when registrations will be reopened. Thank you for your understanding.", Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Notice: Players can transfer data from their old PUBG Mobile accounts to BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Launches Into Success

It's bad that we cannot get into the Early Access version of BGMI, but this is also a good sign for the future of the game. After nearly a year of absence from the Indian market, it's good to know fans are still excited to join the BR title.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Post
Over 20 million players have pre-registered for BGMI!

#Battlegroundsmobileindia has been trending on Twitter even days ahead of the launch. Maybe that can explain why so many players are eager to get in the game. Just the thought of seeing a new version of Classic Battle Royale maps like Sanhok, Miramar, and Erangel is interesting enough to reel in millions of players.

However, with over 20 million pre-registrations, it's a real challenge for KRAFTON to allocate everyone to the server. Also, players who pre-register will receive the following rewards upon logging in:

  • Reckon Mask
  • Reckon outfit
  • 300 AG
  • Title - Celebration Expert (Time Limited)
Bgmi Pre Registration Rewards
Pre-registration Rewards

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