There are five important points to rank up fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.5. When you do well and get high points in all criteria, you will earn a high overall rank point to level up fast in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here are the five easiest tips and tricks you must know.

#1. Permanent Drop Location

The first trick to rank up fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is choosing a perfect drop location wisely. Then, land there until you know every corner of that location. Players should have a clear mindset whether they want to play aggressive or passive to choose the best drop location.

Pushing rank does not mean you have to camp because camping decreases your game skills. Stick to your permanent drop location until you reach the wanted rank.

Choose The Best Landing Location
Choose the best landing location and stick to it until you know every corner.

#2. Rushing

The second tip to push rank in BGMI is rushing. To push rank wisely, you need to loot a good gear set of armor and weapons first. Keep looting until you get a level-3 set of vest and helmet. Then, make clear and effective strategies before pushing and engaging in any combat.

Meanwhile, to push rank safely, you should avoid open fights or you may be sandwiched or backstabbed by the third party who are attracted by the gun sound.

Rush Gameplay Bgmi
Rush wisely to push rank and improve your skills.

#3. Ranking Points

Ranking required high plus points in every game. You need skills to maintain a good F/D ratio and keep ranking up. Try to be the third party to get easy kills. You can also finish the knocked enemies or low-HP targets. Play on Livik to improve your skills. In such a small map, players will earn more kill points than survival points.

Get High Plus Point
Being MVP and get high plus points.

#4. Perfect Map

Choosing a perfect map is another smart way to push rank. Among all BGMI maps, the largest one is the map Miramar with an 8x8 size. It's a favorite map of snipers but the slow pace takes you a longer time to finish a match. This map will give you a lot of points if you can try to survive till the end with a good amount of kills.

Miramar is the best map for defensive players and snipers.

You should get at least 4 plus kills to get a high plus rank point. If you want to get the least minus point, you should play on small maps, such as Karakin and Livik. Erangel and Sanhok are the two most balanced maps to get both high survival and kill points, but you will get high minus points if you die soon. In the upcoming update 1.6, Vikendi 2.0 will come back to the game.

Sanhok is the best map for fast-paced gameplay.

#5. Survival

Survival is the most important element to push rank in BGMI. Try to avoid being killed soon and taking unnecessary fights outside the playing zone. You should survive after the first two zones. Half of the players will be finished after the first two zones.

When over 50 players died, you can start to push and hunt for kills. Patience and greediness are two keep elements to reach higher tiers, such as Ace and Conqueror.

Those are the five easiest tips and tricks to rank up fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile 2021. Practice them and start to push rank early from the beginning of the next season.

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