BGMI C1S1 will end on September 17th, 2021. It means that you have nearly a month to reach the highest rank in this Circle. Here are some tips and tricks to get a higher plus rank point in this battle royale game.

1. Try to survive in the top 3

In fact, the plus rank points for the winner and the runner-up are not very different if they have the same kill point. Therefore, you need to get both survival point and kill point. You need to get to at least the top 3 to get plus survival point. Besides, get at least 5 kills to get a high plus point.

To survive longer, you should choose to land in a safe place to loot. But don't stay too far from the crowded spots. It guarantees that you still encounter enemies to get enough kills for plus rank points. Moreover, don't try to play as a snake and don't die before the top 10 or you may get a minus point.

Survive To Top Players
Survive and try to be in top players.

2. Don't take the unnecessary fight

If you are not confident to defeat the enemy, don't take an unnecessary fight. Don't put yourself at risk if you are not sure. When you have less chance to win a fight, try to evade and survive until the next chance to get kills. To stay alive and guarantee safety, BGMI players should avoid multi-party combat. It's a tip to push rank in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Avoid High Risk Situations
Avoid high-risk situations.

3. Get easy kills

In battle royale games, getting easy kills is also an ability.  If you can kill an enemy without losing HP and putting yourself at risk, try to do it quickly. This can be done by a bolt-action sniper with a silencer or a frag grenade.

Some professional snakes even use the crossbow and wear ghillie suits to hide their body in bushy maps, such as Sanhok. On flat maps like Erangel and Miramar, many players often kill enemies by hitting them with a vehicle. If you can get an easy kill, don't make it complicated.

Get More Easy Kills
Find the opportunity to et more easy kills.

4. Loot safe airdrops

The airdrops in PUBG Mobile and BGMI always have the best supplies. Many players do not know that looting high-standard supplies also give them plus rank point. Therefore, they often use more popular weapons, low-level military vests, helmets, and supplies they can loot from the map without looting airdrops.

Most of the time, the airdrop is a high-risk location in BGMI. However, some airdrops have many high-standard supplies that enemies left, such as Mk14, AWM, Groza, or high-level armor sets because they have already got them.

Loot Safe Airdrops
Loot safe airdrops to get high-standard supplies.

Don't ignore these safe airdrops and change to higher-standard weapons if you can. Then, you will get a higher plus point at the end of the match. If you have a flaregun, choose a safe place to shoot where you can defend well to loot your custom airdrop.

Loot Custom Airdrop
Loot your custom airdrop in a safe place.

5. Get a vehicle

The game system also gives you more rank points for traversing the map. If you travel more, you will get higher plus points. That's why pro players choose larger maps to push rank and smaller maps to increase the K/D ratio. With a vehicle, you can travel more on large maps in a shorter period of time.

Those are the best tips to get higher plus rank points in BGMI C1S1 for beginners and noob players. If the game system does not change the rank point calculation in the next update, you can apply it in other seasons.

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