For a Battle Royale game like Battlegrounds Mobile India, weapon skins are always something that players seek. Though they do not provide any additional buffs to the weapon's stats, they surely look stunning. It's one way to boast about your wealth with friends. You may acquire exclusive skins from in-game events, crates, and Lucky Spins.

Speaking of Lucky Spins, KRAFTON has just launched a new one in BGMI. It brings back the Seven Seas AKM in BGMI, plus its upgrade version, plated in gold. Here's how you can claim the Gold Pirate AKM in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Lucky Spin Event Gold Pirate Akm
If you like flashy things, you will love this AKM skin.

BGMI Lucky Spin Rules

Before engaging in this event for the Gold Pirate AKM, you must understand the rules of BGMI Lucky Spin. Here's how it goes:

  • Players need to spend UC to spin the wheel and draw a random reward from the prize pool.
  • The first draw of the day costs 10 UC. Reset daily as crates reset in the store.
  • Each successful draw awards 1 luck. The higher the luck, the higher the chance to get the Jackpot. When Luck is full, players are guaranteed to win the jackpot.
  • Duplicate upgradeable firearms are automatically dismantled into upgrade materials.
Lucky Spin Event Gold Pirate Akm 2
Read the rules of the event carefully before you spend any of your UC.

BGMI Lucky Spin Prize Pool 

Check out the list of available rewards in the BGMI Lucky Spin event:

  • Seven Seas AKM
  • Black Rose Set
  • Reptilian Lurker Set
  • Futuristic Hive Backpack
  • The Midas Touch (unlock the gold version of Seven Seas AKM)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Paint
  • Silver Fragments x9
  • Materials (upgrading weapons)
  • Black Rose Eyepatch
  • Black Rose Hat
Lucky Spin Event
Tons of rewards are waiting for you.

Accumulation Rewards: In addition to the rewards above, BGMI will also give you bonus rewards based on how many spins you purchase. Here are the bonuses for drawing a certain number of times in the Lucky Spin event:

  • 15 times – 1000 BP & 5 classic crate coupons
  • 50 times – Paint x5
  • 120 times – Reptilian Lurker Cover
  • 200 times – Paint x5 and 1 material
  • 300 times – 1 Midas Touch and 10 Paints

How To Unlock The Gold Pirate AKM?

In order to acquire this gold version of the Seven Seas AKM, players must collect the required material to upgrade the Seven Seas AKM. You will need:

  • The Midas Touch (1)
  • Materials (2)

These items can be obtained from spinning the wheel. The first spin of the day costs 10 UC and the first ten times costs 540 UC. The Gold Pirate AKM can be upgraded in the workshop. This weapon skin will be available in the game till 6th September only, so hurry up!

Lucky Spin Event 7 Seas Akm
Collect materials to upgrade the AKM skin.

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