Generally speaking, BGMI Redeem center allows players to get free rewards from the game developers for free through valid codes. Check out this detailed guide on how to get valid codes and receive gifts from these codes in BGMI.

1. How To Access BGMI Redeem Center

Currently, BGMI and PUBG Mobile players use the same PUBG Mobile redemption center, but the gift will be sent to your in-game mailbox and inventory accurately as long as you provide the correct ID. It's because each PUBG Mobile and BGMI player has only one unique character ID.

Besides, both these games are made and manage by KRAFTON. Therefore, the game developers guarantee that your ID won't be duplicated so that they can manage it easily. Then, you will get free rewards from valid codes for both PUBG Mobile and BGMI via the same center.

Bgmi Redemption Center
PUBG Mobile and BGMI have the same Redemption center.

2. How To Get Valid BGMI Redeem Code

There are many ways to get a valid BGMI Redeem code. As it's an exclusive game version rooting from PUBG Mobile, most of its features are pretty similar to those of PUBG Mobile global, including the redemption mechanism.

Note that since BGMI is increasingly popular, many websites claim to offer free gifts such as free royal pass zust2help in BGMI, but not many of them do provide a valid code. Make sure you double check the source to not fall prey to these scams.

Redemption Rewards
Redemption rewards include free character bundles, weapon skins, free UC, silver fragments, and more.

Here are some ways to get a valid code for BGMI players.

Redeem Code Generators

The first sources of Redeem codes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile are online Redeem Code Generators. Players only need to search the keyword 'BGMI Redeem codes today' on any web browser, such as Google or Safari. Then, the browser will show you various results of the latest Redeem codes on the day you search for them.

Then, you can try all those codes in the Battlegrounds Mobile India's Redemption center to get the free rewards. However, the code will reach the limit soon after it's released. Therefore, you need to update them early in the morning every day to make sure that you get a valid code. If you use an old code of the previous days, the redemption center will tell you that the code is invalid.

Redeem Code
Redeem code generators are the first sources of free gift codes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Redeem Code Today On YouTube

PUBG Mobile and BGMI Redeem codes are popular content on YouTube. It's very easy to find a video giving players Redeem codes. But you should get them on that publish date of the video so that they are still valid.

You should subscribe to some YouTube channels that often provide valid Redeem codes. To make sure that you won't miss any video and will get valid Redeem codes on time, you should turn on notifications for All videos. Then, the system will notify you when the channel owner publishes a new video of BGMI Redeem codes Today.

Youtube Redeem Code
Youtube videos are also popular sources of the most updated redeem codes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

BGMI & PUBG Mobile Live Stream

Another source of BGMI and PUBG Mobile Redeem codes is gaming live-stream. Many PUBG Mobile and BGMI players often live-stream their gameplay on many platforms, such as Facebook, Nimo, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

These players also give away Redeem codes in the middle or final parts of the live stream to attract viewers. However, this method sometimes is pretty annoying because you may get bored or have to leave. But if you give up in the middle part of the live stream, you may miss the code.

Pubg Redeem Code
You can also watch live streams of famous PUBG Mobile and BGMI players to get more redeem codes.

3. How To Redeem Code In BGMI

If you are a veteran player in PUBG Mobile before the release of BGMI, you may have known how to redeem codes in this game. However, many beginners may not know how to use Redeem codes after getting them from live streams. Therefore, this guide will show you how to redeem BGMI gift codes in BGMI Redeem Center.

  • Access to BGMI Redeem Center.
  • Open the game app > Player's Profile > Copy Character ID under the avatar.
  • Enter/Paste the player's ID into the ID box.
  • Copy and paste or enter the Redeem code in the second box.
  • Enter the Verification Code in the last box.
  • Tap on the Redeem button.

If the code is valid, the presents will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Then, you open the mailbox and claim rewards. After that, the gift will be saved in your Inventory. If the code is invalid or outdated, you won't get anything. Search for another code to try.

Those are all about BGMI Redeem center and redeem codes. Don't ignore these free rewards from developers because you can save a lot of UC by obtaining these presents for free.

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