TDM is an intense game mode in which the loading speed of your smartphone may affect the result. However, you can still defeat high-end players in BGMI with these pro TDM tips.

#1. Attack from behind cover

Players with mid-end and low-end devices have to play with lower FPS. Therefore, their bullets will reach the target after high-end device players' bullets. It will definitely affect your gameplay and the match result when you face the enemy directly. Therefore, you should take cover to attack.

There is a board leaning on a big container in front of each house. You can crouch and climb on this board to take cover from the container and shoot enemies when you rush. It's one of the best pro TDM tips you should keep in mind.

Always Take Cover
Always take cover when enemies rush.

#2. Lean and peak

You need to hide most of your body so that the opponent can hardly target and aim at you. The TMD Warehouse map has a lot of places to cover, lean, and peek out to shoot. In TMD mode, players often combat face to face. If the loading speed of your device is lower, you may die. Therefore, you should avoid face-to-face combat and make use of cover.

Lean And Peek To Hide Your Body
Lean and peek to hide your body.

#3. Tip to connect headshot

To connect headshot in Battlegrounds Mobile India TDM mode, you have to keep the crosshair at the head level. The fast pace of this close combat mode does not let you adjust their crosshair placement when you counter enemies. Therefore, you should always maintain this level to reflex quickly. You need to shoot first to make sure your bullets reach the opponent before he can react.

Always Keep Crosshair At The Head Level
Always keep crosshair at the head level.

#4. Tip to counter jump shot

The jump shot is a pro shooting skill in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, especially in the TDM mode. It guarantees a safe kill for players. To avoid being killed when enemies use the jump shot, you need a more professional tip. You have to move to the opposite side of the enemy to confuse him.

For example, if the enemy jumps to the left, you need to move towards the right to dodge all bullets and shoot him down.

Move The Opposite Side Of The Enemy
Move the opposite side of the enemy when he starts to jump.

#5. Use fake reactions and surprise enemies

Read the enemy's mind one of the best pro TDM tips to defeat high-end players. Most pro players can predict the opponent's movements. Then, they can take opponents down quickly by pre-firing accurately. To avoid this situation, you need to do fake reactions and then change your reflexes to surprise enemies. Don't move like what you often do and what enemies can predict.

Move Unpredictably
Move unpredictably to dodge bullets and surprise enemies.

#6. Always choose high-damage guns

If you play BGMI on lower-end devices and the FPS drop reduces the firing rate of your weapons, you should choose guns with high hit points. AKM and Beryl M762 are the two best choices for this game mode because they have both a high rate of fire and hit point. You can also refer to these best gun combo for TDM mode in BGMI for more suggestions.

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