BGMI players sometimes get annoyed when playing this game on low-end devices due to lag, but don't throw your smartphone away. Here are some tips to play PUBG Mobile and BGMI smoothly on low-end devices.

1. Play Safely

This is the first and foremost rule to win PUBG Mobile and BGMI on low-end devices. Hot-drop locations will definitely make you get lag even when you play games at 40fps. Therefore, land in a low-risk location that no one chooses to land. Then, you can loot and prepare to get into the last zone.

Avoid Hot Drop Locations in BGMI
Avoid hot-drop locations and play safely.

2. Perfect Time To Engage

When playing PUBG Mobile or BGMI on a low-end smartphone, you also need to determine the best time to engage so that you won't experience lag and FPS drop. You need to focus on the circle and the number of enemies alive.

After getting ready, don't engage too early when there are too many players alive on the map. Choose an uncrowded route to get to the safe zone and avoid all crowded locations. It's better to choose a small house or rock in the safe zone.

Safe Route To Get Into The Safezone
Choose a safe route to get into the safe zone.

If you choose a big compound or city, your device will get lag for reloading too many textures. It's riskier if there is an enemy inside the city. Then, engage when there are less than 30 players alive on the map.

Engage Time when playing BGMI on low end device
Engage when over 70 players are eliminated.

3. Play In Cool Condition

If you play games on a hot day, your device will get hotter fast from both inside and outside. In contrast, a cold day can reduce the heat of the smartphone and make it run more smoothly. Don't play when you are charging your smartphone because it gets hot faster. Even high-end devices will get lag if you play this game when charging phones.

Dont Play When Charging
Don't play when charging your phone.

4. Use Throwables

It's better to use throwables to kill enemies so that you don't have to get close to the enemy. If you engage in close combat, there is a 50% chance your phone get lag in the middle of the combat. If your phone gets lag in close combat, you will definitely die.

Similarly, you should engage from distance with a suppressed sniper rifle. Once you experience lag, you have a chance to evade it.

Avoid Close Combat
Avoid close combat and use throwables to kill enemies if you can.

5. Play At 40FPS

To make sure that you won't experience FPS drop while playing PUBG Mobile and BGMI on low-end devices, choose 40fps. When you get familiar with this frame rate, you will know the speed of enemies and how to handle it when countering enemies suddenly.

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