For a new player, the large arsenal of weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India may seem daunting. The game offers a wide selection of firearms with different classes to suit everyone's taste. However, it's not often the case where players can effortlessly wield a weapon right off the bat. We always recommend newcomers to take a look at the game's stash first, then decide which gun fits their style. Here are the best 5 beginner-friendly guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India to help started!


The SCAR-L is an all-around AR rifle that's also easy to maneuver with a little bit less skill. It fires 5.56mm rounds at quite a speed. The SCAR-L performs well in close, mid, and long-range combats. The weapon's reliable for both spraying and sniping, pretty much a make-shift DMR.

Scar L
The SCAR-L is always a reliable weapon to pick up.

However, its horizontal recoil and slow bullet speed may be a problem later, when you're familiar with other weapons. Still, the SCAR-L is beginner-friendly.

DP28 - LMG

If you want to find something more robust, then pick up a DP28 LMG. This gun is common across all maps of BGMI and puts up quite a performance. You can take advantage of its bipod to reduce recoil even further while in the prone position. The DP28 comes with a large magazine that holds 47 rounds. That's a lot of firepowers to rain on your enemies.

A 7.62mm LMG - built for destruction.


The submachine gun class has always been known to be fairly easier to control than others in shooting games. And the best beginner-friendly SMG to help you started in BGMI is none other than the UMP45. It has the second-highest damage stats in the SMG class but is easier to locate. When you pair this gun with a foregrip and compensator, it will feel like having no recoil at all.

Starting to learn the game with an SMG is not a bad idea.

M416 - AR

The M416 assault rifle is another fan-favorite in BGMI. It has a cool all-black exterior that players can't seem to get enough of. Though it doesn't deal as much damage as the 7.62mm rifles, the M416 is known for its reliability. In its base form, the gun is above average with decent recoil and fire rate. However, when you load it up with the best M416 attachments, this gun becomes an absolute monster.

Given the fact that it does rely on attachments to shine, we decided to put the M416 below the SCAR-L.

The M416 needs a lot of attachments to unlock its full potentials.

M249 - LMG

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly LMG among guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India that has a large magazine capacity and high damage, then the M249 is the choice for you. One magazine of this beast holds 75 rounds, which can be extended to a whopping 150 rounds. That's 5 times more than a default mag of most guns in the game.

In the current patch, the MG3 has replaced the M249's spot in the airdrop loot. That means the M249 will spawn on the ground. You now have a better chance to acquire and equip this weapon.

Let's not forget the insanely heavy LMG with a massive magazine.

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