The M416 is one of the original weapons in PUBG, later in PUBG Mobile, and now Battlegrounds Mobile India. It has always been a fan-favorite since day one, and things seem to be staying the same in the future. On its own, the M416 is already a terrific gun with low recoil and consistent damage. But what if we tell you that you can pump its power even further? Here are the best attachments for M416 in PUBG Mobile India or Battlegrounds Mobile India to accelerate its performance.

Muzzle - Compensator

Contrary to popular opinion, the compensator is still the best muzzle attachment for M416. Some say the suppressor is better, but that's because they see hitmen use suppressed guns in movies way too much. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the suppressor doesn't do much but hide the gun's sound and negate a little recoil.

Muzzle Bgmi
Always prioritize a compensator for M416.

On the other hand, the AR compensator greatly reduces the recoil of the weapon. It allows you to spray more accurately and make the most out of the bullets you have. This is one of the best attachments for M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Lower Grip: Vertical Grip or Angled Foregrip

There are two choices when it comes to the grip for M416: vertical or angled. The vertical grip is best for close one-on-one situations. It reduces the vertical recoil by 10% to help you hit enemies easier in jiggle or crouch. On the other hand, the angled foregrip is more favorable for mid-range combats as it improves the ADS speed. It also reduces horizontal recoil.

M416 Angled Foregrip
Pick a grip that fits your situation.

Magazine: Extended Quickdraw Mag

This is a no-brainer choice for every single gun in the game. The extended quickdraw magazine is one of the best attachments for M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It increases magazine capacity and decreases the reload time. You will have an extra 10 bullets to work with, which can mean the difference between winning and losing.

M416 Magazines
An extended quickdraw magazine is a must-have for all weapons.

Scope - Variable

Available scopes for M416 in BGMI are diverse. This gun can equip almost every scope in the game, except for 8x and 15x scopes. The choice for scopes varies with the distance from which you fight your enemies.

  • Close-range combat: Red dot/Holographic Sight
  • Mid-range combat: 3x, 6x. You will notice a significant increase in the scope movement when spraying in 3x and 6x zoom. Practice controlling the recoil to master this skill.
M416 Scopes
The selection of scopes depends on your distance.

Tactical Stock

The last and still one of the best attachments for M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India is the tactical stock. This is the only AR in the game that can equip a stock. A tactical stock greatly reduces the recoil of your weapon.

M416 Full Attachments
Here's an example full build for M416.

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