There are three airdrop weapons that use 7.62mm ammo in BGMI after update 1.5. Let's compare these three weapons: Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza to choose the best 7.62mm weapon in the BGMI airdrop.

#1. Weapon Types And Best Use

Although these three weapons use the same bullet type, they are not the same weapon category. Mk14 is a Designed Marksman Rifle (DMR) but it also has a full-auto mode besides the single firing mode. Groza is an assault rifle that is best designed for close combat. Meanwhile, the new airdrop weapon MG3 is a Light Machine Gun (LMG). It's also a great choice for a close fight.

Weapon Camparison
These three weapons are not the same type.

#2.  Base Damage

As these weapons are not the same type, their base damage is also different. In specific, the headshot damage of MG3 is 92, Groza is 110, and Mk14 is 140. In addition, the base damage of MG3 is 40, Groza is 48, and Mk4 is 60.8. In short, Mk14 is the most powerful in a single tap. In the full-auto mode, Mk14 takes you less time to kill enemies.

Pubg Mobile Mk14
Mk14 has the highest headshot damage and base damage among them.

#3. Rate Of Fire

Apart from the base damage, the rate of fire also affects the power of weapons in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. The gun with a high rate of fire will have insane damage per second (DPS). Then, you can take the enemy down with less time.

Here are the rates of fire that we should take a look at when comparing Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza.

  • The firing rate of Mk14 is 0.095. This gun can shoot 11 bullets per second.
  • Groza has a faster firing rate of 0.08. Therefore, Groza can shoot 12.5 bullets in a second.
  • MG3's rate of fire is the best among these three weapons. It's only 0.06. Then, MG3 can release up to 16.5 bullets per second.
Pubg Mobile Mg3
MG3 has the highest rate of fire.

Consequently, MG3 has an insane DPS point that reaches up to 660dps. Although it's pretty lower than Mk14's DPS point (671dps), MG3 is still more powerful than Groza (600dps). You can also take the enemy down quickly with all these three weapons if you shoot accurately.

#4. Recoil

According to these measurements and calculations, Mk14 seems to be the most powerful weapon among them. However, imagine that you can cause 671dps, you can take down six enemies in a second. But it's impossible in a real match. No one can do it when they use this weapon.

Gun Recoil Of Mg3
Amazingly, the new LMG with a super high rate of fire is the most stable gun.

It's because the gun recoil makes most bullets go incorrectly. Not all bullets you shoot can reach the target as expected. In fact, Mk14 has the craziest recoil, especially in the full-auto mode. Therefore, the number of accurate hits is very low.

Groza Pubg Mobile
Groza is still more stable than Mk14.

Meanwhile, the new LMG MG3 is more reliable and easy to control with pretty low recoil. Moreover, this gun is more stable when you use its bipod. Groza's vertical recoil is very high but its horizontal recoil is the lowest. Therefore, you only need to focus on dragging the aim down.


In brief, MG3 is the best 7.62mm weapon. It's the most balanced and reliable gun in the airdrop after update 1.5. It's not only powerful but also stable and easy to control. Moreover, it also has the largest magazine.

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