To play well in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, you need to remember some rules for pro players. Keep these rules in mind so that you won't make stupid mistakes and die soon. Check out these rules for God-tier gameplay in this shooting game.

GOD-Tier Gameplay Rules In BGMI

Here are some important rules for pro gameplay in BGMI and PUBG Mobile season 19.

1 - If you have to engage in combat when you are in the car, try to stay inside the car as long as you can. When you stay inside the car, it's harder for enemies to target you.

Bgmi Tips
Stay in the car in open combat.

2 - Never fire from the same place when you play in both solo and squad modes. It's better to change the position where you can spot other enemies after each knock.

Change Position To Spot Enemies
Change position to spot enemies

3 - Don't revive your teammates at the last circle if there is only one enemy alive. Go to kill the last enemy and get Chicken Dinner instead. If you spend time reviving your teammate in the last circle, he can clear both you and your knocked teammate with a Molotov or frag grenade.

Dont Revive Teammates
Don't revive teammates in the last circle.

4 - The small house in the Military Base has a higher spawn rate of level-3 loots.

5 - Use the Molotovs or frag grenades to make the apartment campers leave their spots and lock the aim at the place they will come.

Use Throwables
Use throwables to pick out campers.

6 - Never get panic when you play this shooting game. It's because you will make mistakes when you get panic. Rush more to train your heart and always stay calm in every situation to avoid making deadliest mistakes.

7 - Don't engage in the blue zone. If you get shot and low HP, the electric zone will knock or confirm you. It's better to take a car and drive into the safe zone and combat.

8 - Be careful with the enemies around compounds and cities. When you get out of the city, they may come in. Therefore, always get ready when you leave a city or town.

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