When you crouch in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, your movement speed decreases a lot. It helps you dodge headshot bullets at a moment but slow movement can put you at risk later on. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players need some tips for fast crouch movements.

Settings For Fast Crouch Movement

Crouch is one of three basic movements in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. To do a quick crouch in this shooting game, you need to have a proper basic setting and sensitivity.

  • Firstly, turn off the Camera Rotation while Leaning and Camera Rotation while ADS in the basic setting.
Disable These Two Features
Disable these two features
  • If you are a gyro player, it's necessary to increase the 3rd Person No Scope sensitivity to 245%. Next, increase the TPP Aim sensitivity to 120%.
Gyro Sensitivity Setting For Fast Crouch
Gyro sensitivity setting for fast crouch.

These settings and sensitivity let you do the fast crouch like a piece of cake. You can crouch smoothly and aim to fire quickly without delay or screen shake. Then, you can win most crouch fights on the battleground.

How To Do Fast Crouch In BGMI?

To do this pro movement in this intense shooting game, players should use at least a 4-finger claw setting. It's better to use a 5-finger claw playstyle to combine this movement with other actions easily and smoothly. Then, you should use the fast crouch movement on time and know when to use it.

Use 5 Finger Claw Control
You should use a 5-finger claw control to do a fast crouch.

Here are some rules and tips to use fast crouch in BGMI and PUBG Mobile after update 1.5.

  • Use fast crouch in face-to-face combat to avoid headshot bullets. While you hold the firing button and keep the crosshair at the enemy, you need to drag the joystick and tap the crouch button continuously. As long as you make your body and head move, enemies cannot shoot accurately.
Use The Fast Crouch In Close Combat
Use the fast crouch in close combat.
  • Only use the fast crouch when using hip-fire. Don't open the scope because the screen can shake and lose the target when you switch between standing and crouching poses rapidly. Firing with scope-in is only recommended for mid-range combat. If you use the scope for aiming in close combat, your reaction speed will decrease. More seriously, it may make you die.
Hipfire And Crouch Fast
Use hip-fire and switch between crouching and standing fast.
  • In addition, you should only use fast crouch movement in 1v1 combat. If there are more than two enemies, it's better to find a cover. It's because you cannot dodge all bullets from 2 to 4 enemies perfectly only by using pro movement. A lot of bullets can still hit your body and make you die even when you crouch, prone, or jump very quickly.

Those are the best setting rules and tips to do fast crouch in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Although the theory is not very hard to learn, you should practice it more to use it smoothly. The TDM mode is the best battlefield for players to practice this skill and other pro movements in this game.

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