PUBG Mobile and BGMI players need to improve their gameplay and level up skills day by day. Here are some tips to level up your gameplay and clear Erangel like a God-tier player.

#1. Timing

The first and foremost important skill to improve your gameplay and performance in this shooting game is timing. You need to get back to your cover before it's too late. It can help you survive longer. For example, players need great timing skills to peek out and pick an enemy's head with a sniper rifle and fall back to the cover.

When you get shot while moving in the open ground, such as the large Farm in Erangel, don't try to keep moving. Your vehicle may explode and kill your team right away. You just need to find a rock, tree, and straw heap to take cover before it's too late.

Timing Is An Important Tip
Timing is an important tip to play better.

#2. Mansion Rush Tip

The Mansion in Erangel has a squad house where campers often ambush. It's a pro tip to rush camper in this squad house. There is a slope under the house. You speed up and fly your car over the house. Then, jump out of the car to land on the rooftop. When the campers get panic, it's easier to clear them. It's one of pro tips for GOD-tier gameplay in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Fly Your Car Over The House
Fly your car over the house and land on the rooftop.

#3. Faster Landing

When you are following your teammate, unfollow him when the height is about 75 meters. Then, drag the joystick to the front to make your character will drop faster. Once you land on the ground, tap on the Punch button, it helps you cancel the somersault animation. Next, you can loot before other players. It's time to make some easy kills.

Touch The Punch Button
Touch the Punch button to cancel the somersault animation.

#4. Never Peek From The Same Window

Once you expose from the window, your location is already spotted. If you expose from that window again. a sniper can pick your head and make you down right away. You need to get out of the house or climb upstairs. When the opponents expose to pre-aim, it's a chance to pick their head with a sniper rifle.

Dont Peek From The Same Window
Don't peek from the same window

#5. Don't Try To Save Teammates If...

There are some situations that you shouldn't try to save your teammates.

  • Your teammate is toxic. It only happens when you match randomly. These players never care whether you will die when surviving them. They only want you to save them or die together, However, it may make your rank drop.
  • Sometimes, you are matched with strangers who do not use team mic to communicate with other teammates. Then, they won't inform you whether his location is safe or not. Don't take risks to save him or both of you will die.
Secrifice Your Teammates When Needed
Sacrifice your teammates when needed
  • Sacrifice your teammates if your knocked mate is very close to enemies. If your teammate tells you that enemies are using him to bait you, tell him that you have to sacrifice him for survival. Then, try to survive and get a high position for the whole team. Your teammate won't be upset because it's necessary.

Those are some new tips to get pro soon in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. These tips are often used by pro players in professional PUBG Mobile tournaments.

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