Some weapons in BGMI allow players to get fast kill thanks to their high hit damage and insane rates of fire. Here are the top 5 guns for the fastest kills in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

#1. Micro UZI

Micro UZI is one of the best close-range guns with one of the highest rates of fire. Moreover, its hit damage is also significant enough to make ít damage per second (DPS) high. You can take down an enemy in only 1-2 seconds as long as all bullets connect headshot.

If the enemy wears a level-3 military vest and helmet, you should aim and shoot to his legs and arms to kill him within three seconds. The high firing rate of this gun makes Micro UZI one of the best guns for the fastest kill.

Micro Uzi
Micro UZI has an insane rate of fire.

#2. Beryl M762

M762 is one of the strongest assault rifles in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. This gun uses 7.62mm ammo with a great penetration rate. Therefore, it can destroy the solid protection of level-2 and level-3 armor.

Moreover, this full-auto gun has a high rate of fire. Its DPS is not lower than that of Groza in the airdrop. Although its gun recoil is pretty high, you can also take the enemies down in an eye blink with a shot to the target's head.

Beryl M762
M762 is one of the strongest assault rifles.

#3. M1014

If DBS is the king of shotguns in BGMI, M1014 will be the Queen. Although its rate of fire is the lowest in this list, its hit damage is enough to send the enemy to the lobby in one shot only to any part of the body. Moreover, its bullet velocity reaches up to 420m/s.

Therefore, the bullet will reach the target very fast, especially when he is close to you. Moreover, M1014 is very stable. It also has a large mag of 8 rounds per load. Then, players can shoot continually.

M1014 is an OP shotgun.

#4. M416

Although the base damage of M416 is not as high as that of 7.62 ARs, such as AKM and Groza, M416 is still a better choice. The main reason is its stability. Thanks to low recoil, you can shoot more accurately.

The more accurate bullets hit the target, the faster you can kill him. That's why it's more preferred than AKM or Beryl M762. With the standard base damage and high accuracy, M416 lets you take the enemy down without reactions.

M416 is very stable and accurate.

#5. UMP45

The last weapon in the list of guns for the fastest kills in BGMI is UMP45. This SMG has both a high rate of fire and high base damage. Its DPS is also huge enough for users to take the enemy down in a few seconds. Moreover, it's one of the most stable guns in this shooting game. The only weak point of UMP45  is the short effective range. You should only use it in face-to-face combat.

These guns have the shortest time to kill because they are easier to control and more accurate than many airdrop weapons. Moreover, you should master this weapon to increase the chance of winning even when you can't loot airdrops.

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