UMP45 is a sub-machine gun that uses .45 ACP ammo. It's often underrated in comparison with some other SMGs. However, UPM45 can be stronger if you know how to utilize it correctly. Here are the best strategies and tips to use UMP45 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.5.

Why should you use UMP45?

There are many reasons why UMP45 is better than many ARs that not many BGMI and PUBG Mobile players know. Here's why you should use UMP45 in BGMI.

Higher Base Damage

UMP45 has higher base damage than many 5.56 ARs, such as M416, SCAR-L, and AUG. While these 5.56 ARs have a base damage of 41, UMP45's base damage is a bit higher (43). It means that you can knock down an enemy with only 4 shots to their arms or legs. Then, you only need to shoot to their arms and legs if enemies wear level-3 armor.

Ump45 Bgmi Use
UMP45 has higher base damage than many ARs.

Rate of Fire & DPS

Besides, UMP45 has a pretty fast rate of fire which is 0.087s. This SMG can shoot 11.5 bullets per second. It means that UMP45 even deals higher damage per second (DPS) than M416 and AKM. UMP45's DPS is 492 while M416's is 450 and AKM's is 470.

Ump45 Bgmi Rate Of Fire
UMP45 has a pretty fast rate of fire.


Besides, UMP45 is very advantageous in close combat because it's very stable. UMP45 is best designed for close combat. Therefore, its recoil is very low. Moreover, UMP45 is not as loud as ARs. It's still silent when you do not use the silencers. Therefore, it's safe to use in hot-spot locations because it won't unveil your locations.

Ump45 Is Stable
UMP45 is stable and reliable in close combat and hip-firing.

Weak Points

There are two weak points of UMP45 that you should be aware of, including the low bullet velocity and short effective range. The low bullet velocity makes its bullets hit the target later than the other bullets of other guns. Besides, the damage drop will be worse than other weapons, making the effective range short.

Ump45 Close Combat Use
UMP45 is only effective in close combat.

How to use UMP45 in PUBG Mobile & BGMI

To use UMP45 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile effectively, you need to understand its mechanism and best attachments.

Best Attachments

UMP45 still works well without attachments. If you choose proper attachments for this gun, UMP45 will be more powerful and dangerous. Here are some recommended attachments for this gun.

  • Suppressor makes UMP45 quieter, even in close combat. It's an ideal gun to master close combat in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.
  • Vertical grip lets you spray bullets with zero recoils, especially when you use hip-fire.
  • Red dot helps players aim more accurately in the 20-meter range without covering your view.
  • Extended mag expands the ammo capacity from 25 to 35 rounds per load.
Ump45 Best Attachment
UMP45's best attachments.

Tips To Fire

  • Shoot to the leg and arm area of enemies when they wear level-3 armor and helmet.
  • Try to use hip-fire more often. UMP45 is the best weapon for close combat in BGMI now. You should use hip-fire in short-range combat to do more pro-movement actions.
  • In addition, UMP45 is more effective in early fights only. When you get to the later stages of the match, you need to use stronger weapons. It's better to use ARs, LMGs, and DMRs. Loot the airdrops if you can.

Those are all must-know tips and best attachments to use UMP45 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile effectively.

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