BGMI MG3 often makes players confused between 990rpm and 660rpm firing modes. Let's learn what they are and which one is better. Then, check out how to use them.

What are 990rpm and 660rpm in BGMI?

RPM in BGMI means rounds per minute. Therefore, 990rpm means that the gun can release 990 bullets per minute. Similarly, the 660rpm firing mode means you can shoot 660 bullets per minute.

However, it's only the theory because it also takes you a few seconds to reload bullets after every 75 or 150 bullets.

Mid Range Spray
The new LMG in BGMI has two firing modes: 660 and 990rpm.

MG3's 990rpm vs 660rpm

The firing mode of 660rpm has lower recoil due to its lower speed in releasing bullets. Therefore, it's better to use to spray bullets in long-range combat. It, of course, has lower damage than the other firing mode.

Prone To Spray
660rpm has lower recoil for better long-range spray.

On the other hand, the firing mode of 990rpm has higher damage and also higher recoil. Thus, it's very hard to spray bullets in long-range combat with this mode. Incredibly, the vertical of this firing mode is still lower than that of the old M249 and DP-28. In 660rpm mode, MG3 is more stable than DP-28.

In short, the 660rpm mode is perfect for long-range spray and the 990rpm mode is better for close combat. It makes this airdrop's exclusive weapon reliable, versatile, and deadly.

Tips and tricks for BGMI MG3

After understanding how two firing modes of BGMI MG3 work, you should pocket some tips and tricks to take advantage of this deadly weapon. Here are three new tips to use MG3 in BGMI.

  • Use the 990rpm firing mode to counter a squad of enemies in a UAZ or Dacia. You should keep spraying and burst the vehicle to kill the whole squad quickly. Then, you can get four easy kills without taking risks.
Use 990rpm Firing Mode When Spraying Vehicles
Use 990rpm firing mode when spraying vehicles.
  • Reload when the mag still has some bullets left to reduce the reload duration. If you reload the empty mag, it takes a longer reload duration. Besides, fall back to the cover when you need to reload bullets. In addition, you can use some fake smoke to confuse the enemies.
  • Only use hip-firing mode in face-to-face combat or panic situations. ADS spray with this gun can make your aim choke.
Reload Duration
Reload when the mag is not empty.

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