Playing PUBG Mobile and BGMI on low-end devices is harder than getting Chicken Dinner in PMCO. More than tips, you need the best sensitivity setting to play smoothly and get some kills. Check out this zero-recoil sensitivity setting to play BGMI on low-end smartphones.

BGMI Zero-Recoil Sensitivity Setting

All guns in BGMI and PUBG Mobile have both vertical and horizontal recoil. The vertical recoil is often higher than the horizontal recoil. The vertical recoil often makes the barrel choke up, especially when you spray bullets. So, it's harder to reduce than the horizontal recoil.

Battleground Mobile India
Play BGMI on low-end devices.

Check out the best zero-recoil sensitivity setting for playing BGMI on low-end smartphones here:

  • Camera sensitivity

You can make your own camera sensitivity based on the condition of your devices. But keep it higher than in mid-end devices so that your aim won't move slowlier because of both lag and low sensitivity.

Camera sensitivity is more important in close combat. However, you should minimize the number of close combat on low-end devices so that your phone won't lag.

Camera Sensitivity
Recommended camera sensitivity
  • ADS sensitivity

It's better to keep the ADS sensitivity low because you need it for mid-range combat. When you leave them low, your crosshair won't choke massively when you engage in mid and long-range fights.

Ads Sensitivity
Recommended ADS sensitivity
  • Gyro sensitivity

In fact, gyro gameplay is not recommended when playing BGMI on low-end devices. The chance to get lag in the gyro playstyle is higher than normal gameplay. But you can try this sensitivity setting to reduce the recoil.

Gyro Sensitivity
Gyro sensitivity

Tips For Recoil Controls

Here are some tips and rules to play BGMI with low recoil on low-end smartphones.

  • Try not to use 7.62 weapons: BGMI's 7.62 weapons have the highest gun recoil in the BGMI's arsenal. Therefore, it's tougher to control the gun recoil of these weapons, such as Mk14, Beryl M762, and AKM.
Bgmi Recoil Control
BGMI recoil control is harder on low-end smartphones.
  • Bullet line control: When you spray bullets in close combat, bullets often spread around the target. To make more bullets hit the enemies, start to aim at the legs of the enemies.
  • Hip-fire in close combat to see whether your crosshair sticks to the target or not.

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