BGMI joystick is one of the three most function buttons in this battle royale game. Most BGMI players and new PUBG Mobile players are still using the default BGMI joystick button. But pro players often use the large joystick. Let's see the reason here.

Why Pro Players Use Large Joystick?

Some players rumored that the large joystick can make your movements slower. However, the moving speed is not affected by the joystick but by the sprinting button. Besides, fast movement is not as important as accuracy to win this game.

Sprinting Button
The sprinting button does affect the movement speed.

In fact, the height sprinting button does affect the movement speed of your character in BGMI. If you leave it too high, your movement will be slower. Therefore, Chinese pro players often place it near the joystick so that they can move and reflex faster.

Sprinting Button Close To Joystick
Pro players often place the sprinting button close to the joystick to move and reflex faster.

Actually, the size of the joystick button does not affect your gameplay much, but it relates to the comfort and convenience when playing this game. From my own experience, if the joystick button is too small, your thumb cannot move comfortably when you drag it left and right. It does affect the jiggle movements in this game.

Large Joystick
The large joystick lets your thumb move comfortably.

Jiggle movements in PUBG Mobile are pro movement skills of Chinese players to dodge bullets when moving on the open ground or in face-to-face combat. Therefore, they often increase the size of the joystick button to drag it comfortably. But the setting and layout only help you play more comfortably. You need to practice your movements and reflex speed to master them in the TDM mode.

Large Joystick For Jiggle Movements
The large joystick is better for jiggle movements

Should I Use Small Or Big Joystick?

The size of the joystick should depend on the size of the phone screen. If your phone screen is large, you should use a large joystick button so that your thumb will touch and hold it more easily. If your phone screen is too small, you should use the default button.

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