Pre-firing in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is a pro skill that is not easy to master. Check out these pro tips and tricks to master pre-firing here.

1. Predict Enemy's Next Moves

The first and foremost tip to pre-fire accurately and effectively is predicting the enemy's next moves. It's the most important rule in pre-firing. For example, when looting 3-story buildings, BGMI players often climb upstairs.

You can pre-aim and fire through windows from the neighboring house when you spot enemies running towards the staircase. The bullet will fly and reach the enemy when he crosses the aiming point of your gun.

Predict Enemys Next Moves
Predict the enemy's next moves and make the plan to fire.

2. Hide Your Position

Before the enemies run into your pre-aim point, don't make any sound. If the prey smells your scent around, they will be more cautious. Then, they can change the move and don't run into the pre-aimed point. Stand still quietly and wait for prey to fall into your trap. If enemies don't know where they get shot from, they will get panic. It's a vital tip for pre-firing in BGMI and other shooting games.

Fire From The Neighboring Houses
Fire from the neighboring houses so that the prey does not spot you.

3. Determine The Time To Fire

When you camp and aim enemies through windows, always choose the windows next to the staircase. Start to fire when the prey is about climb the staircase. When they get panic, they may stop for a while or keep climbing up the stairs. If he stops, you can knock him if your gun has a high rate of fire and high base damage.

Place Crosshair Before The Target
You need to place the crosshair before the target and fire before they reach the aim.

If the prey keeps running and you cannot knock him down with the first wave of bullet, switch to the upstairs window at the other end of the staircase. Then, fire when he crosses the next window. In squad houses and multi-floor buildings, each end of the staircase has a window to aim through.

On the open ground, place the crosshair before enemies and fire before they reach because the bullets need time to fly to that point.

4. Choose Weapon And Range

To pre-fire and kill the enemy before he reacts and fires back to you, you need a full-auto gun with a high rate of fire. Make sure that you can deal enough damage to the target before he can evade it. If you choose a shotgun, DMR, bolt-action sniper, or pistol, you can't pre-fire. A great choice for this skill is UMP45 in BGMI and PUBG Mobile after buff.

Prefiring In Pubg Mobile
Choose full-auto guns for pre-firing in BGMI.

Only pre-fire in close-range combat. The key to success in pre-firing in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is making enemies panic. If you pre-fire in mid-range or long-range combat, it does not work well. Enemies can easily flee away and find a cover to fire back.

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