Dealing with campers in BGMI is one of the more challenging tasks that you need to do to win. One wrong move and the momentum of your charge would be lost, leaving you vulnerable to counterattacks or getting pinned down by enemies.

In this article, we are going to show you how to deal with campers in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

5 - Scout the surroundings before making a move

Before rushing a camper in BGMI, you should try to make sure that there are no other players around. By rushing, you will put yourself into an exposed position - enemies around you can take advantage of that exposed flank to quickly kill you.

Overall, just stick to cover as long as possible before rushing onto your target.

Mansion Building
Scout the surroundings first before entering.

4 - Make sure that your HP is full

Before charging in, it is vital that you have full HP and more healing items in your backpack for backup. Players will need to out damage the camper in a rush, and having the most HP possible is essential. Even if you win, it is likely that you would have to heal yourself, as taking damage is more or less unavoidable.

Heal While Moving
Always try to keep yourself at full HP at all times if possible.

3 - Use grenades if available

If possible, players should use a couple of grenades, both smoke and explosive, before rushing. The damaging version would flush enemies out of covers while the smoke version will leave them confused. The smoke will also hide your advance as well.

You have two approaches when using smoke - either charge right through or using it as a diversion and sneak up.

Grenades are very useful to deal with campers.

2 - Pick the right weapon

When dealing with campers in BGMI, it is best to use close to mid-range weapons for the highest damage possible. Long-range weapons usually have a low fire rate, which leaves you vulnerable. Shotguns and SMGs are ideal for close-quarter combat scenarios like this, especially inside structures.

A direct hit from a shotgun is devastating at close range and is ideal to deal with campers in buildings.

Get the right weapon
Get the right weapon is very important in BGMI.

1 - Retreat if needed

If things go wrong during a push and you take some damage, running away is definitely a good option. Live to fight another day is better than stubbornly committing to a losing fight. Furthermore, retreating might lure the camper out of their hiding spot to pursue you - leaving them vulnerable. In that situation, it is much easier to become a camper yourself and turn the table on them.

A retreat should be prioritized if something went wrong.

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