There’s a reason why every shooting game has a collection of different kinds of grenades. They’re an integral part of the weapon system that greatly impacts the gameplay and mechanics. The same thing’s applied to PUBG Mobile. There are several types of grenades available, each requires a certain level of skill and experience to probably utilize. Today, we’ll guide you through all of them. 

PUBG Mobile grenades 4 types
Take your time to learn how to use these grenades

A split second can mean the difference between life and death in this Battle Royale game. Being able to make the most out of grenades will increase your chance of survival. But, it’s not something you immediately find comfortable to use. Learning and practicing are crucial. 

Types of Grenades in PUBG Mobile

Frag Grenades

This is the most powerful weaponry in PUBG Mobile in terms of damage potential. Use it right, and you can easily get multiple kills in just one blow. It’s especially useful when your opponents are hiding in a room, a house, a shed, or any tight space without small entrances. You can quietly land a frag grenade into the room, blowing up the hiders without giving away your current position. These throwables are also used to distract the enemies or lure them out so you can get a clear shot.

PUBG Mobile grenades frag
Frag grenades are great to deal a ton of damage on clumped enemies

Molotov Cocktails

These are exceptional when it comes to zoning enemies. It lights up an area for about 20 seconds and will incinerate surrounding wooden or flammable structures. They’re a bit tricky to use since your teammates can also catch on fire. Molotov is best for close-range combats, paired it with an assault rifle to maximize the damage. 

PUBG Mobile grenades molotov
Burn them down with Molotov cocktails


Flashbangs temporarily stun enemies, blurring their vision and hearing. It gives you a certain advantage in close-range combat, or when you’re rushing opponents hiding in a house. The blast range is quite huge, and a few seconds of blindness may help you to kill off the enemies. Remember to keep some flashbangs in your inventory, you’ll never know when they come in handy. 

PUBG Mobile grenades flash
Remember to stun the enemies before closing on for the kill

Smoke Grenades

They’re probably the most frequently used type of grenades in professional stages. Many claim smokes are difficult to use, and never pick them up when looting. However, this throwable item is incredibly versatile and useful. You can use smoke grenades to block out the vision, giving you and your team time to re-group, heal, and plan a way out of a sticky situation. Unplug several clouds of smoke, throw them around the confuse the enemies, then choose the best approach to rain fire.

PUBG Mobile grenades smoke
Don't hesitate to pick up smoke grenades

How to Use Grenades in PUBG Mobile?

To use grenades, you must first get familiar with the controls. Throwing grenade isn’t always about quickness or brute force. Try to aim for the right angle and wait for the perfect moment. Once you can plan the trajectory and the duration it takes for the grenade to explode, you’ll be surprised with the result it brings. 

Every type of grenades has different usage and explosive time. For flashbangs, frags grenades, and Molotov, you want to throw them as close to the opponents as possible. Also, to negate any reaction, hold the grenades in your hand and release when they nearly explode. Smoke grenades do have a delay, but it won’t make that great of a difference. Throw them at the desired directions, and wait for the smoke fully emit before blending in.