BGMI has finally come back on top in the mobile market of India. Comparing to its competitors, BGMI has quite a few unique new modes... and amongst them, Team Deathmatch (TDM) is probably the best.

However, TDM is much different than Battle Royale and requires a much different strategy. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 tips to win Team Deathmatch in BGMI.

1 - Pick a good weapon/strategy

As the TDM map is much smaller than the usual BR battlefield, it is best that you stick with close-range high damage weapons, or sniping weapons. The former allows you to deal with enemies' aggression easily by overwhelming them in short range. The latter, on the other hand, let you camp in the safe position of your cover and snipe at approaching enemies.

Pick a good weapon is the key
Pick a good weapon is the key in Team Deathmatch in BGMI.

2 - Don't rush

Since the TDM map is really small, rushing is not really necessary. Players should keep their position hidden and move to another spot after scoring a kill or two. Use grenades to damage and flush enemies out of position is a great alternative.

3 - Stick together as a team

In TDM, strength is in numbers. You and your teammates need to cover for each other while attacking enemies. If you are going alone, try to communicate with teammates and share vital information. There should be a leader to make calls when needed.

Sniping in TDM
Camping can be a great strategy in TDM.

If you found a teammate separate from the group, you can split your team into 2. This is not ideal but still better than going alone, as you can cover your teammate.

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4 - Stay clear of opponents' spawn area

Each player has 5 seconds of invulnerability as soon as they spawn in TDM matches. In that state, your bullets won't deal damage to them, while they can gun you down very easily. If you are ahead, try to camp a certain distance from their spawn or even retreat back to a better position.

You can use this against opponents who approach your team's spawn point. Just use your temporary immortality and shoot them right away.

5 - Constantly moving around

In TDM, movement and positioning is the key. Players need to change their location frequently, as staying at the same spot is just inviting enemies to come and have their revenge. By switching positions, you will always remain one step ahead of the opposition. If the enemy player checks your old site, you might be able to kill him instantly from your new position.

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