If you do not have the greatest experience with BGMI and PUBG Mobile on low-end devices; or you prefer gameplay and maps in PUBG Mobile Lite, you can download it. Here's a completed guide for PUBG Mobile Lite APK download 2021.

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download 2021 New Update

The latest version 0.21.2 of PUBG Mobile Lite is not available to download from Google Play Store, CHPlay, or App Store. You can only download the APK file of this version. Follow these steps for PUBG Mobile Lite APK download 2021 without VPN here.

  • Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.21.2 on the official website of this game. Click on the APK Download button.
  • Go to the phone setting and locate the option "Install from Unknown Source" in the Privacy setting. Choose to allow the installation.
  • Install the APK file you have downloaded. When the installation process completes, you open the game, log in, and play.
Download Pubg Mobile Lite
You need to go to the official website to download PUBG Mobile Lite.

You should not that this APK file is only compatible with Android devices. Therefore, you cannot play this light game on your iPhone and iPad now. If you have a mid-end iPhone, you can download and play BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Or else, you can also learn how to play BGMI and PUBG Mobile on low-end devices.

How much space is PUBG Mobile Lite APK?

The size of the PUBG Mobile Lite APK file is 674 MB. Like BGMI and PUBG Mobile, the game developers also provides in-game modes and patch in small packages. The whole patch size is 153 MB.

In total, you need to have at least 850MB of free space in the storage capacity to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite APK 2021 new update.

Pubg Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite is compatible with low-end devices but you need to have enough free space in the storage capacity.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.2 Patch

The new PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.21.2 has some changes in the map. This update is not a big update with very few changes. It guarantees that the game size won't increase massively. Then, PUBG Mobile Lite is still compatible with low-end devices.

New Updates
The latest update 0.21.2 of PUBG Mobile Lite has some changes in the environment and downtown.

Changes in the environment on old maps

The most significant changes in PUBG Mobile Lite APK 0.21.2 are some new features on the old maps. It also leads to some significant changes in the gameplay.

  • The low hill near the Factory area is replaced by a high mountain now.
  • There are more trees and higher grasses around the Apartments. It makes the map looks more stunning and lively.
New Mountain
Many low mountains in the old map have been replaced by high and rough mountains in the new map.
  • The developers also make low mountains higher and rougher. The mountain paths are also bumpier than previously. They also added many bigger trees to the mountain so that players can find a safe cover in open combat.
  • Besides, higher mountains around apartments also give snipers ideal places to shoot enemies on the second or top floors of the apartments.
Bigger Trees On The New Map
Developers added some bigger trees on the new map to give players more cover in open combat.
  • In addition, the bumpier terrains in mountain paths require players to change their vehicle choices. Buggy and motorcycles are more preferred in the new update because of their off-road mobility. UAZ and Dacia only run well on road.
Changes In Gameplay
The environmental changes will lead to some changes in the gameplay and your strategies.

Those are the main updates in the environment of the classic map. When you play on the old map with these new updates, you need to adjust your gameplay a bit.

Downtown Updates

Apart from some changes in the environment, PUBG Mobile Lite new update 2021 also witnessed some adjustments in the downtown.

  • Devs replace old houses with new squad houses and compounds. The town looks more similar to the new town in Erangel 2.0 in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. You can see some new observatories, different housing spawn rates, and bigger trees on the campus.
New Downtown Design
The new downtown design gives players a new experience when playing this game.
  • On the old map, there are not many houses outside the port, but in this 2021 update, the game designers add many apartments to give players more cover for early combat. This big city makes this port area busier with more loots and earlier combat.
New Riverside City
There is a new riverside city outside the old port near the coastline with more loots and more combat.

More players will choose to land in the new big city outside the port for abundant supplies, including flare guns. Therefore, this riverside city will become a high-risk place with many early combat. If you choose this new city as the drop location, always prepare for early fights.

Those are all changes in the new version of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.2. Follow the guide for PUBG Mobile Lite APK download 2021 to experience these new changes.

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