Reflex and aiming skills can determine the level of players in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Pro players often win thanks to their insane reflex speed and aiming ability. Here are some pro tips to improve your reflex and aiming in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

#1. Plan the second move

To reflex quickly, you need to think about your second move even before making the first move. For example, pro players will master the reaction skill when they drive, such as how to stop the car and jump out, how to get behind the cover, how to get out of the car before it explodes, etc.

Plan The Second Mvoe
Plan the second move before doing the first move.

When they rush house campers, they will think of the route to push and crosshair placement even before throwing a grenade. Practice it every match and you will reflex faster after each game. Mastering this skill, you can also improve the pre-firing skill in BGMI by guessing the enemy's next moves.

Know When To Shoot
Yous should master the timing skill to know when to pre-fire and engage.

#2. Stop making unnecessary moves while shooting

To aim better, you shouldn't make any useless movements when you are fighting. For example, when you shoot from behind the cover, you don't need to make useless moves such as crouch-stand, or jump crouch.

Maintain One Stance
Maintain one stance when you shoot to keep the aiming stable.

These movements will make your aim shake. Then, you cannot shoot accurately. If you stand still and spray accurately, you can take the enemy down in only 1-2 seconds. He will be knocked down before he can react.

Dont Make Unnecesary Movements
Don't make unnecessary movements when you aim.

#3. Don't be greedy

Being greedy is a deadly mistake in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. In a 1vs4 combat, pro players often stay behind the cover and reflex quickly to eliminate one by one until they clear the squad. Noobs often reveal and try to confirm kill after knocking one enemy. Then, greedy players often die soon without clearing enemies squad.

Being Too Greedy
Being too greedy can make you die soon.

That's the difference between pro and noob players. Pro players will keep calm and make clear plans to eliminate enemies. It's time to practice their reflex and aiming skills. If you want to play like a pro player, prepare any moves in the match.

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