KRAFTON has officially announced the Independence Day Mahotsav event for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The India-specific Battle Royale game will be celebrating the nation's birthday with tons of free rewards. So, grab your friend, form a squad, and join BGMI right now!

BGMI Independence Day Mahotsav Schedule

KRAFTON has been very active lately to dish out localized events for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The popular Sand Bottle event just ended with a bang. To keep we players busy, the game officials launch the Independence Day Mohatsav, which roughly translates to Independence Day Festival.

The new BGMI Independence Day event started on August 11th and will continue until August 20th, 2021. That means you now have exactly 1 week to complete all the challenges and claim your rewards.

Bgmi Independence Day
The event will continue until August 20th.

Independence Day Mahotsav Missions And Rewards 

The BGMI Independence Day event contains two sub-event series. The first one is 'Independence Day: Brother in Arms'. It consists of different missions that players have to complete to claim their rewards. The second one, 'Independence Day: Login Event', offers players free rewards simply for logging into BGMI every day.

The most exciting reward to come out of the Independence Day Mahotsav event has to be the Purple Magnolia AWM skin. Every player can acquire this skin for free via the event!

Bgmi Independence Day Missions
Complete daily missions for easy rewards.

Here's the detail on the two sub-event series:

Independence Day: Brother in Arms

From August 11th to August 17th, players have to complete daily missions and collect the rewards. The list of missions are:

  • Play with friends in Classic Mode every day at least once. Win 10 AG.
  • Play with friends in Classic Mode five times every day. Win 150 BP.
  • Play with friends in Classic Mode eight times every day. Win 150 AG.

Independence Day: Login Event

Players will also receive tons of free rewards just for logging into BGMI during the Independence Day Mahotsav event.  This check-in sub-event will conclude on August 20th. Then we will soon transit to the BGMI 1.6 update release, with new changes, and of course, new events!

Bgmi Conqueror Tips
BGMI is offering free items that you can claim just by logging into the game.

Here are the rewards for logging into BGMI:

  • #1: 500 BP
  • #2: 20 RP
  • #3: 50 AG
  • #4: 2 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • #5: 2 Parachute Trail (Green)
  • #6: 1 Supply Crate Coupon
  • #7: 1 Purple Magnolia AWM Skin - 15 Days (Duration)

So, just by logging into the game for 7 days, you will win a Purple Magnolia AWM skin for free! We're exactly 1 week away from the event's conclusion. If you haven't checked in, make sure you don't miss a single day!

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