PUBG Mobile has emerged as one of the major names in the world's mobile gaming scene. It has accomplished great heights thanks to its accessibility and diversity. Another driving factor behind the game's massive success is definitely its wide selection of usable weapons.  It would take forever to go into details, hence today, we're only looking at one of the prominent guns in PUBG Mobile, the Micro UZI.

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Are you in team UZI?

PUBG Mobile: The UZI in Detail


The Micro UZI is one of the best SMGs in PUBG Mobile. This gun pops off in close-range combat, dropping enemies so fast they won't even know what hit them. The UZI is available in all maps of PUBG Mobile, including Erangel 2.0 and Livik.

uzi uzi pro
The UZI and UZI Pro in real life

Damage Statistics

Damage-wise, the Micro UZI deals slightly less damage than other SMGs in the game. On the flip side of the coin, it's the fastest SMG in the entire game (0.048 sec/shot). The insane fire rate makes up the lack of damage perfectly, making it a lethal weapon in close-range 1vs1. The Micro UZI has a damage stat of 26 per shot and fires in two modes: single and automatic.

Micro UZI attachments
Micro UZI attachments

The weakest point of this gun is its limited range. The UZI can not spray over a long distance, that's the job for assault rifles and DMRs in PUBG Mobile.

Recoil and Attachments

In PUBG Mobile, the Micro UZI is compatible with three attachments: a muzzle, magazine, and stock. The best attachments for this gun are a suppressor, which increases stealth and allows you to conceal your location during battles. Then you need an extended quickdraw magazine to increase the gun capacity to 35 and a stock.

uzi attachment scope
You can now equip a red dot or holographic sight for the UZI

The UZI can now equip a red dot or holographic sight after the latest update.