The Warehouse is the most played and preferred TDM map in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Here are some new tips and tricks to win 1vs1 BGMI Warehouse you should know.

#1. Container Push

There are many containers in BGMI Warehouse in TDM mode. When you push the enemy behind the container, prefire to the left and right while keep moving to the opposite side. In this close-range fight, attacking is the best tip to defend. Therefore, pre-firing is the best thing to do in container push.

Pre Fire To The Left And Right
Pre-fire to the left and right.

Make sure that you have enough bullets and you can hear the footsteps of the enemy. Therefore, choose assault rifles and light machine guns with large ammo capacities to hold enough bullets. You should pre-fire 6-7 bullets and pause to hear the footsteps.

#2. Box Attack

The two containers inside BGMI Warehouse are good spots where the opponent may peek to fire you. You shouldn't expose and attack from the outside of the Warehouse. Instead, occupy two containers inside the Warehouse to attack the enemy outsides.

Then, peek to pre-fire to the corner that the enemy will definitely expose and push. While the enemy is hesitating outside the house, you can quietly get to his back and kill him. If he attacks from behind wooden boxes, you should watch out a larger angle from the container to the side door of the Warehouse.

Occupy The Indoor Box First
Occupy the indoor box first.

#3. Container Defense

To defend in the normal container, you should keep calm and let him push. Don't reveal yourself when he is pre-firing and save your bullets. Then, listen carefully to his footsteps and place the crosshair at the spot where the opponent will push.

Fire and cause damage to him when he appears from behind the container. When you face the enemy, don't stand and shoot. Instead, you should use crouch shot, drop shot, and jiggle movements.

Let The Opponent Push
Let the opponent push.

#4. Damage Count And Movements

It's important to count the damage you have caused to the opponents and compare your HP with his HP. You need to headshot to win 1vs1 BGMI Warehouse combat. You also have to avoid getting a headshot.

Therefore, it's necessary to crouch and add random movements to dodge bullets. You need to combine movements and headshots to win. Sometimes, walking in the same direction with some random actions is better than jiggle movements all the way.

Add Crouch And Random Movements
Add crouch and random movements.

#5. Warehouse Defense

Don't attack between two middle containers because you will definitely be shot. Just pre-fire between two containers and attack from behind the opposite container. You can headshot the enemy if he jumps up from the box.

If you are not confident to attack, just stay calm and let the enemies attack you. Hip-fire is the best firing mode in this situation because of the close distance. It helps you reflex quickly and timely. Moreover, you can spot the opponent through four entrances of the Warehouse if you occupy the indoor containers first.

Spot Enemies Through Doors
You can spot enemies through doors.

#6. Warehouse Push

If the enemy occupies the Warehouse first, you have to push from outside. Don't run into the house directly. Instead, cause some damage to the opponent from the slope in front of your base. When his HP is low, you can push.

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