M416 is the most popular assault rifle in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Here are some reasons why you should use M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

#1. Versatility & Reliability

M416 will never let you down in any range of combat, from short to mid and long-range combat. For example, it works very well in close-range combat with great accuracy, standard base damage, and a high rate of fire. These three features let you take the enemy down quickly with this gun. M416 is one of the fastest guns to kill in BGMI.

M416 In Close Combat
M416 is very reliable in close combat.

Besides, M416 is the best gun to spray in mid and long-range combat. Moreover, you can reduce the gun recoil by 20% by crouch spray. It's not weaker than AUG A3 which is the only 5.56 AR in the airdrop. M416 is the best gun in mid-range combat.

In long-range combat, it's still reliable with very low recoil, especially when you attach a vertical grip and a compensator to this AR. Besides, BGMI players can reduce the gun recoil by up to 40% by using prone. Or else, you can also use single tapping to pick enemies. But don't use M416 to counter snipers in long-range combat.

M416 In Mid Range Combat
M416 is the best AR in the mid-range spray.

#2. Best For Moving Vehicles

With high accuracy and rate of fire, M416 is the best choice for moving vehicles in BGMI. The bullet speed reaches approximately 900m/s. It's even faster than the bolt-action sniper Kar98k. Therefore, you should use M416 for spraying the moving vehicle because its bullets can chase and hit the target accurately before it crosses the drop spot of bullets.

M416 Against Moving Vehicle
M416 is the best weapon to fight against moving vehicles.

#3. Easy To Use

M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India is very easy to use. It has very low recoil. Therefore, you can spray bullets with all scope attachments. If you have sprayed with all guns in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, you can easily find that M416 is the easiest weapon to handle. It will be better if you have the best attachments for M416, but this AR is still good without attachments.

M416 Can Pair With All Weapons
M416 can pair with all weapons.

#4. Easy To Find

Although the spawn rate of M416 is not high, it's somehow easy to find. It's easier to find this gun in small maps, such as Livik, Karakin, and Sanhok. You have more chances to loot this gun in big houses and buildings. Alternatively, death crates of enemies are also good sources of weapons to get an M416 in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Easy To Find M416
M416 is also easy to find.

#5. Available On All Maps

M416 is one of the most popular assault rifles in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. In specific, you can find this gun in all BGMI maps and almost all game modes. Therefore, you can easily master this gun when using it from small maps to large maps, from Arena mode to Rank mode, and from the Training Ground to the real battleground.

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