In BGMI close fight, the red dot and holo are the two best scopes for ADS. Besides, iron sight is another choice in close-range combat. Let's compare iron sight vs red dot vs holo to choose the best choice for the close fight in BGMI here.

Iron Sight Vs Red Dot Vs Holo

The iron sight is the pre-equipped sight equipment of the weapon when you don't attach any scope. A lot of PUBG Mobile and BGMI can master the iron sight. However, it's harder to aim with the iron sight. Besides, they often go to fight a red dot or holo. To pick out the better sight attachment for close ADS, let's see their advantages and disadvantage here.

Bgmi M416 Iron Sight
Iron sight is a pre-equipped sight attachment for all weapons.

1. Iron Sight

The advantage of the iron sight is the convenience. When you master it, you can handle the hot-drop locations and conquer them. When enemies are still busy with looting and finding a scope for aiming, you can take them out with an iron sight. Therefore, pro assaulters in BGMI can get some early easy kills by mastering the iron sight in BGMI.

However, it's very hard to aim accurately with the iron sight. When you open the iron sight to aim, the lower part of the screen is covered. Therefore, the view is limited a lot when you aim with this sight.

Iron Sight Of Akm
Mastering the iron sight aiming is a necessary skill of pro players.

2. Red Dot

Most BGMI players prefer Red Dot to Holo. The red dot gives players better visibility. Then, you also have a better view to look out for other enemies around the target. Especially, you can see the advantage of Red Dot's thinner frame in the FPP mode. Moreover, the Red Dot is easier to aim at the target due to its small red spot in the middle of the scope.

However, its spawn rate is pretty low. You will feel that it's harder to loot a Red Dot than a Holo. It will take you time to find this attachment. Then, you cannot engage early.

Red Dot In Pubg Mobile
The red dot gives players better visibility.

3. Holographic Sight

The Holo has a thicker frame than Red Dot, so it's less visible than the Red Dot. Consequently, you may miss some important information on the surrounding area and miss some enemies. The blocked view can make some trouble for you. Moreover, its crosshair is pretty big. Therefore, it can be harder to know where to place the crosshair to connect the headshot.

Holographic Sight Vs Red Dot
The Holo has a thicker frame than Red Dot.

The advantage of this attachment is its higher spawn rate. It's in the middle when comparing iron sight vs red dot vs holo. You will find it easier to find a Holo on the map than a Red Dot. Holo sights are often spawned near ARs and SMGs insides houses and buildings.


In short, the Red Dot is the best scope for aiming but you need to master the iron sight and Holo to engage early if you are hot-drop assaulters.

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