Livik is the only exclusive map for PUBG Mobile/BGMI that can't be found among all PUBG maps for PC version. It takes inspiration from all the other maps, with extra features like waterfalls, colorful houses, beautiful flowers, and more. However, after the initial warm welcome when it was released, Livik's popularity drops like a rock. It can be said that Livik is the least popular map in PUBG Mobile and now BGMI.

In this article, we are going to showcase why players don't like playing in Livik.

1 - Livik is too small

Out of the maps that were added to PUBG Mobile, Livik is one of the smallest maps at only 2x2 km. With the small size, fights are constant and players can't even take a moment to breathe. While some might prefer this, the majority of players consider this kind of action-packed landing too stressful.

Livik is very beautiful but way too small.

In the usual BR map, you get peaceful moments now and then, waiting for enemies while camping or moving around looting on the map. There's none of that on Livik. Furthermore, constant fighting is really risky, especially if you want to safely push your ranks. This is why campers or rank pushers never come back to this map.

2 - No one wants to be ambushed by a third party

As this map is really small, every time a fight happens, there is a big chance that a third party would join. Imagine winning an intense firefight with only 10 HP left... just to be finished by some guy who just arrived at the area. Getting teamed up by 2 squads is also not a fun time.

Very few BGMI players like these third parties, unless they themselves are the third party. Dying to one does not feel fair at all - this is why players don't like this map.

Holdhus Livik
There are a lot of ambush spots on Livik.

3 - Snipers are not as strong as rushers

On this map, you are forced to fight in close/medium range, due to the small size and the high number of players. If you are a sniper, you would get a lot of disadvantages on this map against players who are used to rushing. The usual rank pushers, new players, and campers are usually killed off within a few minutes of landing.

4 - The monster truck is pretty but useless

None of the vehicles are useful, including the exclusive Monster Truck. It is better to move around on foot to avoid fights. Driving something loud and obnoxious like the Monster Truck is like painting a target on your back, as it can draw all players in the area toward your location.

Getting your hand on the truck is also pretty hard, as fewer cars spawn on such a small map. If you insisting on using one regardless, remember to keep moving, as enemies are probably camping waiting for you to stop.

Pubg Mobile Monster Truck
Monster Trucks are the biggest vehicle in the game.

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