The Sniper role is probably one of the most crucial in a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) squad. They engage enemies at long range with sniper rifles while scouting the area... and due to the range advantage, snipers are rarely caught off guard. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 tips and tricks to become a better sniper in BGMI.

1 - Get a scope

Unlike other games, Snipers rifles or DMRs in PUBG Mobile/BGMI do not come with a scope. Players need to scout the area to find them. For a sniper rifle, having a 4x, 6x or 8x scope is essential.

In order to get reliable headshots, the 8x scope is probably the best one. However, it is fairly hard to come by in game, so players should settle for the weaker variants. Getting your hand on one of those best DMRs in BGMI or Snipers is still the key, of course.

Having a good scope is key to become a better sniper in BGMI.

2 - Try to find a compensator

If you are having trouble with hitting enemies multiple times, the compensator is one of the best attachments to have. It reduces recoil significantly and can be equipped on AWM, Kar98K, M24, and SKS.

In general, you should be able to fire and adjust your aim faster with a compensator equipped, enabling more consistent headshots.

3 - Get the high ground

In a battle royale like BGMI, dangers could come from any direction. Therefore, taking a high spot to scout the surroundings and see above covers is a good idea. This is even more important to sniper players, as they are much weaker at close range.

After gathering enough loot, it is vital to head to the nearest building and create a camp on the high ground. With the altitude advantage, you should be able to get more kills.

Red Dot In Pubg Mobile
The high ground allows for much better scouting.

4 - Peek & fire

Peak & fire is one of the features often overlook by snipers, as they often just scout around with their scope. However, there are situations that require the use of this feature... and this is vital to become a better sniper in BGMI.

In general, you should use peak & fire is highly useful when enemies manage to close in on your location. You should be able to fire while staying unexposed behind a wall. The slanted scope also provides a great angle for headshots in game.

5 - Never camp for too long

It is important that you don't let enemies detect your camping spot. However, if they managed to spot your location, it might be a good idea to move somewhere else. It is super easy to get flanked staying still. To prevent enemies from detecting your camping spot, avoid making long peeks.

Furthermore, you should consider picking a new position that overlooks the old one. That way, you can surprise enemies who try to flank your old location.

Camping at one spot for too long is not a good idea.

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