Tatsuya is one of the most loved characters in Free Fire Max 2024, especially in Squad mode. His active skill, Rebel Rush, is advantageous on the battleground as it boosts his moving speed in 0.5 seconds with a cooldown of 40 seconds. Check out the best tips to master Tatsuya in Free Fire MAX and his special skill here.

#1. Play As A Rusher

With the speed boost ability, you should pick the rusher role when playing as Tatsuya in Free Fire MAX. Remember that you only get a speed boost within 0.5 seconds every 40 seconds. Therefore, saving the skill and rushing when enemies have finished firing would be best. Timing skills are essential when playing Tatsuya as a rusher.

Tips For Tatsuya Free Fire
Tatsuya plays as a rusher.

#2. Stick To An Assaulter

Rushers in Free Fire MAX may take risks of being ambushed and eliminated. Therefore, it's dangerous to rush alone in squad mode. So, try to stick to teammates and have them cover you from behind. Tatsuya can go with a teammate with a strong shield to reduce the damage taken, such as Chrono.

How To Master Tatsuya
Stick to teammates for timely support.

#3. Pair With Proper Talents

There are many ways to combine Tatsuya's Rebel Rush with other character skills to make him stronger and more reliable. Here are the top skill combos and rotation tips for this character.

  • Homer's Senses Shockwave: Rush to attack opponents after Homer's drone triggers a 5-meter-radius explosion.
  • A124's Thrills of Battle: Trigger this skill after approaching enemies to deactivate their skills and prevent them from rushing you back. Pair the Thrill of Battle and Rebel Rush skills with Homer's Senses Shockwave for a high damage of 50.
  • Wukong's Camouflage: When you rush enemies in the open area, the Camouflage of Wukong will help you approach them safely.
  • Orion's Crimson Crush: Tatsuya's Rebel Rush can support the Crimson Crush skill of Orion. When you combine these two skills with the Camouflage of Wukong, you can surprise enemies, obtain their HP to weaken them, and finish them with accurate shots.
  • Chrono's Time Turner: Chrono's force field can block up to 800 damage from the opponent to keep Tatsuya safe when rushing enemies.
  • Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat: Activate the healing aura when rushing to restore health gradually and steadily during combat.

Pick two most helpful skills of these abilities to pair with Tatsuya's Rebel Rush based on your playstyle and strategy. For example, Homer and Dimitri are two ideal options for a safe and aggressive playstyle.

Tatsuya Free Fire Combo
Choose the right skill combos to pair with Tatsuya's Rebel Rush.

#4. Engage In Close Combat

Tatsuya's Rebel Rush makes him suitable for close combat in Free Fire MAX. Based on this, you'd better pick an SMG and Shotgun as the primary and backup weapons for him. The weapon skins with damage and accuracy buffs are highly recommended for short-range firing. Having a supporting pet for scouting and marking enemies may help you win in the battle royale mode.

Tatsuya Free Fire
Rush and engage in close combat with a set of best gear.

These are the top must-know tips and strategies to master Tatsuya in Free Fire MAX 2024. Stay tuned for further guides and tips on Gurugamer.com.

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