Free Fire MAX Orion has a powerful skill - Crimson Crush. Mastering this ability can help you upgrade your gameplay and performance in this battle royale game. Check out the best tips and skill combos to master this character below.

Pros And Cons Of Orion
Free Fire MAX Orion

Best Character Combos

Orion's abilities and power will be effectively utilized when he works with suitable teammates. The following characters possess ideal passive talents for his Crimson Crush.

  • Miguel's passive talent grants 200 EP after knocking or eliminating an enemy. It's ideal for quickly charging Orion's Crimson Crush during the game for swift activation.
  • Characters with swift movements like Kelly and Dasha also help Orion make the most of his Crimson Crush. His skill outdoes in close-range engagements. Therefore, he needs movement speed boosts from these teammates.
  • A teammate with HP recovery buffs like Ford and Jota can guarantee survivability for rushers like Orion.

Speed, health recovery, and Energy are the three most valuable buffs for Free Fire MAX Orion. So, you'd better pair him with three of these recommended characters for the best performance.

Best Combo
Orion needs speed, HP, and energy buffs.

Choose the Best Role Base on Pros

Understanding the character's advantages helps Free Fire MAX players draw perfect strategies and choose the right role for them. This character is useful and powerful in close combat because of the following advantages.

  • In Phase One, Orion is immune to every attack damage for 3 seconds for preparation or tactical repositioning. Besides, his ability in this phase safeguards him from incoming vehicles. Therefore, you can use Orion to engage in vehicle combat and kill enemies by car collision.
  • Besides Orion is safe from explosive damage from landmines and grenades and fall damage. Thus, he can play the role of a scouter and rusher.
  • In Phase Two, this character can absorb HP to counter enemies hiding behind structures to pull them out of the cover and reveal themselves. Then, this rusher gives assaulters and snipers in his team to eliminate the target.

Apply these tips to your strategies to build and master Free Fire Max Orion and test its effectiveness.

Orion Abilities
Orion is immune to many damage sources.

Understand Orion's Cons & Avoid Mistakes

Knowing the character's disadvantages also helps Free Fire players avoid making deadly mistakes. Here are Orion's drawbacks that you should keep in mind and the best tips to fix them when using this character.

  • His ultimate skill consumes up to 150 Crimson Energy for activation. It limits the times you can unleash this attack to damage enemies. Therefore, you should avoid going alone when using Orion. It would help if you pair Orion with Miguel.
  • Three seconds of damage immunity in Phase One can be inadequate in fierce combat. Besides, you cannot attack enemies during these 3 seconds. Therefore, you had better have a Gloo Wall to defend yourself instead of firing back.
  • In addition, Orion cannot absorb HP when he is out of a 5-meter radius from the target. Then, he must have at least one backup plan or teammate covering him from a safe distance.
Free Fire Ob39 Orion
Free Fire Orion needs a teammate's cover when he rushes enemies.

In short, Free Fire MAX Orion is helpful and ideal for the frontline position. Master his Crimson Crush to rush and eliminate enemies effectively. Stay updated for further pro tips and strategies in Free Fire and other games on

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